Teradata Sets the Global Stage for an Exciting New Era of Insight

New social media platform launched to explore and facilitate the socialization of data

Oct 06, 2010, 15:29 ET from Teradata Corporation

ATLANTA,  Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- The volume of digital information generated in 2010 will reach 1.2 zettabytes, according to IDC – and grow exponentially each year. This expanding digital universe across millions of portals, data sources and conversations per second is driving a new era, according to Teradata Corp. (NYSE: TDC), the world's largest company solely focused on data warehousing and enterprise analytics. The company announced today the opening of a new online social media platform devoted to The Socialization of Data – designed to serve as an epicenter for a New Era of Insight. The socialization of data is the integration of data from both traditional and non-traditional sources to present a more complete picture of an entity's position in a global market, community or ecosystem.

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"By integrating data, then producing and sharing insight through analysis, organizations can create a vastly improved holistic view of their operations and the environment in which they operate.  This is the socialization of data and it's all about the global convergence of human interaction and networked technology, creating a deep pool of critical new information that holds countless untapped opportunities. By exploring this new data frontier, we can become more innovative, better serve customers and communities, grow economically and reach our strategic business goals," said Darryl McDonald, Teradata executive vice president, business development and marketing. The new website contains four dimensions:

  • Expert View –Original visionary and thought-provoking content written specifically for the site on socialization of data.
  • The Experiment – Details on the ongoing research Darryl McDonald is leading at Teradata to delve into the full potential of the socialization of data.
  • Idea exchange – A forum to create and share ideas to help organizations innovate and differentiate by leveraging the power of data and analytics.
  • Resources – A diverse selection of articles, presentations, blogs, white papers and case studies, as well as links to experts, websites, associations and events.

Technology analysts support Teradata's effort to bring the issue of socialization of data to the forefront. "Industry needs a socialization of data: the integration of social and enterprise information spanning the full set of customer touchpoints and business connections," said Seth Grimes, analytics strategist with Washington DC based Alta Plana Corporation. "The goal is to bring social-media insights into everyday operations and the power of BI and enterprise analytics to social customer engagement. We're talking comprehensive analytics -- total enterprise awareness -- for fully informed business decision making."

Darryl McDonald will deliver a keynote presentation on the socialization of data at the Teradata Partners event October 25, 2010 in San Diego (www.teradata-partners.com), concentrating on how enterprises can harvest consumer conversations and data pools to enable smart, action-oriented business approaches that enhance customer and community understanding and engagement.

"As a practical example of the socialization of data, forward-thinking retailers are already using real-time comments and complaints from customers to reduce contact center costs and improve customer satisfaction. Another example is telecommunications companies using voice-of-the-customer applications to capture customer relationship management information to help them reduce churn and decrease their call center costs," said McDonald.

"We're on the edge of an incredible evolutionary leap, driven by a global convergence of information – integrated for meaningful analysis and action," said McDonald. "Companies that avidly embrace the socialization of data will be the ones to benefit first—and the most—as this new era of insight gains momentum."

Sensor data also plays a key role in the New Era of Insight, and is often referred to as the Internet of Things. McKinsey and Company published a report on this phenomenon, which includes a visual that represents ways to "put sensor data to work." According to the report, The Internet of Things, McKinseyQuarterly, March 2010:  "Now is the time for executives across all industries to structure their thoughts about the potential impact and opportunities likely to emerge from the Internet of Things.

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Teradata has a long history of serving as an enabling catalyst for large data mart consolidation initiatives in many Fortune 1,000 organizations, including data and systems integration – and more recently announced a collaboration with Cloudera to bring together structured and unstructured data from online data pools.

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