Terenine Technology Solutions Unveils TereCluster, a Portable, Highly-Available Data Center with a Small Footprint and Fast, Simple Deployment

Mar 15, 2011, 08:54 ET from Terenine Technology Solutions

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., March 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Terenine(SM) Technology Solutions, a nationally-recognized expert in data center design and operation, and owner of the United States' 13th Tier III Design Certified Data Center, has unveiled a compact, portable and highly-available data center, TereCluster™, that can be deployed to customers' sites.  

With a foot print of three feet by four feet, TereCluster is a highly-available storage area network (SAN) cluster and virtualization hosting platform. Contained within a single, shock-mounted rack, it is able to be installed on a network and host virtual servers. Customers get 100 percent of the critical infrastructure required for a high density, scalable and secure data center. Each TereCluster is custom designed for the client's business needs.

"For many companies, adding data center capacity by building from scratch is not cost effective, may take too long for immediate needs, or is beyond the scope of local resources," commented Dave Carney, president of Terenine Technology Solutions. "TereCluster is a cost-effective approach and can allow a company to test a cloud solution with minimal investment."

TereCluster's simple deployment – as little as two days – makes just-in-time delivery possible to any on-site or off-site location. Terenine provides specialists to personally handle the setup, testing, and monitoring. Management is done remotely by experts at the Chattanooga campus.

TereCluster is held to the same quality philosophy as the Terenine Terevault™, a Tier III Design Certified Data Center by the Uptime Institute, whose certification program is the international standard for evaluating data center infrastructure performance. Just as the design and operation of Terevault offers some of the highest levels of availability, security, redundancy and disaster recovery in the nation, TereCluster is built with the same principals, dedication and innovation of the Chattanooga campus.

Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Terenine helps businesses find alignment between business goals and technology innovation. Terenine offers a full array of technology solutions tailored to the customer's environment, including virtualization and cloud-based services, colocation, disaster recovery, backup and tiered storage, applications development, and professional services.

Terevault and TereCluster are trademarks and Terenine is a service mark of Basenine, Inc., d/b/a Terenine Technology Solutions.

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