Terranova Inc. Secures Seed Funding, Will Launch Intelligent Personal Assistant App For Mobile Phones, The Web, And Google Glass

Dec 05, 2012, 09:00 ET from Terranova Inc.

CHICAGO, Dec. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Terranova Inc., a Chicago-based technology company, today announced that it has secured seed funding and technology support from undisclosed sources totaling $1.05 million. The company will use the contributions to launch an intelligent personal assistant app for iPhone and Android devices, the web, and Google Glass.

Terranova allows users to speak or type what they want to do – e.g., "join a yoga class" – and connects them with the nearest, most relevant people, places, and events. A user who wants to learn yoga might be matched with nearby yoga studios, highly rated yoga instructors, others who have expressed the same intention, a local yoga-clothing store, and an artisan that makes custom yoga mats.

The app uses a natural language user interface and is powered by a contextual, computationally efficient learning algorithm. Unlike Apple's Siri or Google Now – which search the web and/or integrate other applications to answer user questions – Terranova aggregates information about real-world activities and connects users with relevant people, places, and events based on what they want to do.

Terranova was founded by George Stoikos and Andy Stankiewicz. Stoikos, who serves as CEO, has 20-years experience developing large-scale, enterprise-level database & distributed applications across multiple industries. He has received multiple patents around the world for his work. Stankiewicz is a 20-year technology marketing executive with a track record of helping build companies in leadership roles, including chief marketing officer.   

Terranova will launch a private beta program for its iPhone, Android, and web app in early 2013.

About Terranova Inc.

Terranova Inc. is a Chicago-based technology company developing advanced applications for mobile devices, the web, and wearable computers, such as Google Glass. The company was founded by George Stoikos and Andy Stankiewicz in 2012. For more information, visit www.appterranova.com.

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