Texas Roofer Gives Thumbs Up to Opus® Roof Blanket for UV Exposure and Safer Traction

Aug 09, 2011, 08:44 ET from Propex Operating Company

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Aug. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Chad Walker, owner of Central Roofing has been in business since 1992 and covers Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and parts of Oklahoma and Louisiana.  With multiple residential and commercial projects being constructed simultaneously, Walker needed a roof underlayment product that could help him juggle the workload.  He discovered Opus® Roof Blanket from Propex and found it's the perfect solution for resource allocation and safety.

"We just installed about 480 squares of Opus Roof Blanket on the Gentle Creek Golf and Country Club in Prosper, Texas, and it was a pleasure to work with," he said.  "We also did the roof for the AMLI apartment complex in Irving, which was 1600 squares of Opus with Boral Roof Tile; and The Arbors retail center in Dallas, with a slate roof."

With all of these recent projects, Walker found that using Opus Roof Blanket solved several issues for his busy firm.  "We were attracted to its durability and the 30 month UV exposure, since our large-scale projects have a multitude of subcontractors who need to work on the structure in between us--siding installers, painters, masons etc. so the 30/30 guarantee really appealed to us."  According to Propex, the 30/30 guarantee says the underlayment can go uncovered for 30 months and will endure 30 years after being covered with roofing materials.  

"By comparison, the peel and stick products only have up to a 90-day exposure warranty and on a project with a lot of workers doing their portion, that is rarely enough," he said.  "And, unlike Opus, many do not have the 30 year warranty once the job is done."

Roofing products that tear can also delay a roofing job and impact margins.  "We've found Opus very economical and cost-effective--with no tearing issues slowing us down whether it's a low or a steep pitch," said Walker.  In fact, Opus Roof Blanket's tear-free guarantee says if the product tears under normal use, the roll will be replaced free of charge.

Along with tearing, another issue Walker has faced is safety.  He said that slippery plastic can be a hazard and the hesitancy it creates is distracting on the job.  "One of the nice things about Opus that makes it stand out from plastic sheeting and felts is the blanket-like texture," said Walker.  "Workers feel confident walking on it and are therefore more productive.  It really speeds the job along."  

In addition to managing resources economically, roofers have been contending with a record Texas heat wave as reported in recent national headlines.  With the region's triple digit temperatures and blinding sun, the tan color of Opus stays cooler than other products and cuts the glare.  "Black felt heats up quickly and can get sticky, while some white plastic sheet products give off a blinding glare," said Walker.  The color and texture also hold a chalk line much better, according to his workers.

Walker and his crew feel like they have a winner with Opus Roof Blanket as an underlayment that performs beyond expectations and plan to use it next on a medical center in Austin.

For more information about Opus Roof Blanket, visit www.opusroofblanket.com.

SOURCE Propex Operating Company