TH Foods Launches Social Media Sites for Crunchmaster(R) Brand Crackers

Crunchmaster Community will encourage followers to live healthy and gluten free

Jun 22, 2010, 13:57 ET from TH Foods

LOVES PARK, Ill., June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- TH Foods, a leading manufacturer in the snack product industry, has launched Twitter and Facebook pages for its all natural, gluten free Crunchmaster® brand of whole grain crackers. Dubbed as the "Crunchmaster Community," both social media sites will serve as a forum for consumers to share recipes, learn about new products and discover how to live healthy and gluten free.

The Crunchmaster Twitter and Facebook pages are part of TH Foods' increased marketing efforts to better connect to its consumers, particularly those who need to follow a gluten-free diet due to health issues such as celiac disease.

"We have always been very active within the gluten free community and felt the time was right to adopt social media as an interactive way to reach our consumers," said Jim Garsow, Director of Marketing and Innovation for TH Foods. "We're looking forward to developing stronger relationships with the people who follow us on Twitter and Facebook and are eager to share what's new with the Crunchmaster brand."

Recently, TH Foods announced its latest addition to the Crunchmaster family - Sea Salt Multi-Grain crackers - through its Facebook page, including which stores will carry the product. Consumers who join the Crunchmaster Community can also expect to find recipes that incorporate Crunchmaster crackers and will have the opportunity to download coupons, take surveys and leave comments.

Because Crunchmaster crackers are all-natural, 100 percent whole-grain, baked snacks that are certified gluten free, they have become a popular choice for consumers who need to avoid gluten or simply want a nutritious snack alternative to traditional processed crackers. Garsow hopes to share the benefits of Crunchmaster crackers with more consumers through Twitter and Facebook, encouraging people to give them a try.

"Our Crunchmaster fans are a loyal bunch and we want to share that passion with others," said Garsow. "We are planning to attract more followers to our new social media sites by offering incentives such as coupons or contests and also by sharing news and information that will keep people engaged with the Crunchmaster Community."

The Crunchmaster social media sites can be found through the following links:



About TH Foods

Crunchmaster® is a registered trademark of TH Foods, Inc. TH Foods, Inc. is a leading manufacturer in the natural snack food industry. Formerly known as Sesmark Foods, the company was founded in 1984, and joined with Mitsubishi International Corporation and Kameda Seika (the leading producer of rice crackers in Japan) as a joint venture. TH Foods strives to bring innovative, authentic "Better for You" balanced nutrition, rice based crackers and snacks to North America. Crunchmaster® Multi-Seed Crackers are available in the 20oz box, original flavor at all Sam's Club and select Costco locations nationwide; also in a 4.5oz size, all 4 flavors, at select supermarkets nationwide (Safeway, Kroger, Publix, Whole Foods, etc.) or online at