The 6th Beijing International Art Biennale with 96 Participating Countries has been Successfully Held

- Our Memories of Yesterday have Filled Our History with Stories.

- Dream for Tomorrow could Inspire People to Create More Wonders.


BEIJING, Oct. 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --Contemporary paintings and sculptures: a carnival for artists from all over the world.
Since its foundation in 2003, the Beijing International Art Biennale has showcased contemporary paintings and sculptures from all over the world. The Biennale with its unique features is an event recognized by artists globally and is Beijing's largest platform of its kind. This year, more than 200 artists have attended the opening ceremony of the Biennale, seminars and other activities, with half of them coming to China for the first time. The artists speak different languages, have different skin colors and religious beliefs, but they share a common love of painting and sculpture. The Biennale is a time to appreciate 700 paintings and sculptures from different countries, communicate with other artists and get a firsthand taste of the passion of the Chinese people.

Ambassadors from participating countries present at the opening ceremony are Mr. Kujtim Xhani, Albanian Ambassador to China, Mr. Plamen Shukyurliev, Bulgarian Ambassador to China, Mr. Jorge Heine, Chilean Ambassador to China, Mr. José M. Borja L., Ecuadorian Ambassador to China, Mr. Vassilios Costis, Greek Ambassador to China, Ms. Baktygulova Kanayim, Kyrgyz Ambassador to China, Mr. Doru Costea, Romanian Ambassador to China, Mr. Frantisek Dlhopolcek,Slovakian Ambassador to China and Ms. Cindy Termorshuizen, Deputy Canadian Ambassador to China. Officials for culture affairs from about 20 embassies including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Columbia, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Kazakhstan,Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Serbia and Sri Lanka also attend the opening ceremony, which registered the largest number of guests of honor. Their enthusiasm expresses their close attention to the exhibition. More than 200 artists from 75 participating countries (which registered 78% of the all participating countries, covering 5 continents across the globe, and curators of the Beijing Biennale and representatives of selected artists also get together at the opening ceremony. The number of foreign guests present at a single exhibition at the National Art Museum of China outnumbers all the previous ones.

Participating artists from foreign countries all express their highly praise for the exhibition and for China:

Fiona Stanbury from the United Kingdom of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland said: "It is the best exhibition I have ever seen. The variety of styles and ideas were very wide and rich, and the paintings were hung so beautifully. I felt very honored to be part of this and to meet artists from many countries. This exchange is very beneficial to all artists because it makes us challenge our ideas and vision, and I learned many things. Also I was very lucky because I met Chinese artists and learned much from them about Chinese art and also about your wonderful country! Many thanks also to the Committee of the Biennale for making this Biennale so perfect, and for helping artists to learn about each other's work and cultures. This precious information and the friendships will help us share art ideas and vision and it will benefit our own cultures."

Gabriel Martinez from France said: "Before, the dream has a name - Peking with the Biennale."

Jorge Perugachy from Ecuador said: "I would like to return to this beautiful and ancient country that with your art it becomes my second country. I will always bring to this country the best of me and my colors."

José Luis Arbulú from Peru said: "I think the Biennale should be one strong exchange between Chinese artists and foreign artists, search more contact links. I believe the symposium is a very important space for exchange and create links."

Masja Pakvis from Netherlands said: "All compliments."

The most representative feedback from artists is the one from Nguyen Mai Huong, a selected artist from Viet Nam: "The Beijing Biennale is one of the world's most famous and highly qualified Biennale. Beijing Biennale is a large-scale international art exhibition where all the most creative artists can gather to express their ideas and abilities. It is a great opportunity to show China's hospitality and its great art history and colorful culture. The purpose of the Beijing Biennale is to connect the artists from generations to generations to develop arts. The 6th Beijing Biennale with its theme "Memory and Dream" is a great event that links history with reality, connects the past and the future, and could be best placed to reflect the humanistic care of artists, arouses their passion to paint and inspire artists' aesthetic imagination. In addition, I would like to emphasize that the Beijing Biennale is a featured exhibition, it is different from the rest major Biennales of the world. The Beijing Biennale is a large-scale international art exhibition, really qualified with high standards. With the great topic "Memory and Dream", it emphasizes the unique form of contemporary painting and sculpture. The Beijing Biennale has great international influences on many aspects: the art market, the cooperation between different countries, the development of each individual artist, etc. They all come to share the dream of partnerships and long- term developments between different countries. The Beijing Biennale helps us all to head to a bright future, where all our dreams can come true."

Since the opening ceremony of the 6th Beijing Biennale, average daily amount of audience is close to 10.000, which showcases their enthusiasm. The total number of audiences amounted to 200,000 during the exhibition, which marked a new high in terms of the number of audience of a single exhibition at the National Art Museum of China in the year of 2015. 

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