The Advisory Board Company Receives Top Ratings for Value-Based Care Consulting

KLAS cites Advisory Board Consulting and Management Services leadership in helping hospitals prepare for future risk, improve care and access, and reduce costs

Dec 08, 2015, 12:48 ET from The Advisory Board Company

WASHINGTON, Dec. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Advisory Board Company has earned recognition as a market leader in value-based-care consulting for health care providers. The top rating comes in a new report by KLAS, an independent health research firm that conducts thousands of provider interviews to rate consulting firms and vendors.

In its report, Value-Based Care. Making the Shift: Who Can Help?, KLAS gives The Advisory Board Company's Consulting and Management division top ratings in two critical capabilities for population health management. KLAS found that 100% of Advisory Board members said the firm had a high impact on enabling them to enter future risk-bearing agreements.  Additionally, 100% of member providers reported that the Advisory Board had a high impact for delivering on the triple aim, including patient access and satisfaction, clinical care and outcomes, and reducing costs. 

"Health care providers have seen that their future market share in increasingly competitive, consumerized environments will depend on their ability to deliver high-value care across risk-based public- and private-payer contracts," said Dennis Weaver, MD, MBA, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Advisory Board Consulting and Management. "In creating and implementing customized care transformation roadmaps, our experience has taught us the importance of having a physician-led organization from governance to strategy to formation. We are happy to see that our approach continues to resonate with health care providers."

KLAS interviewed more than 100 provider organizations for the November report.

'I Would Choose the Advisory Board over Any Other Firm'
The provider commentary in the new report expands upon the Advisory Board's high ratings:

  • "I would choose (the) Advisory Board over any other firm based on their knowledge and their level of expertise," one provider told KLAS.
  • "(The) Advisory Board was top of the heap. For strategic management, they knocked it out of the park," another provider said.
  • "The team we worked with at (the) Advisory Board knew more about population health than anybody else," said another member. "They have deep expertise in looking at organizations and assessing capabilities for moving toward value. What I was particularly impressed with in their assessment was that they told us not only where the gaps were but also where the opportunities are. It wasn't just a list of opportunities that will help us after we get a higher percentage of at-risk revenue. They did a good job of describing things that we should be doing today that will help us in our fee-for-service model before we move everything to the at-risk model."
  • Another comment noted that the Advisory Board's expertise in value-based care drove results: "(The) Advisory Board helped us really engage providers. Our physicians across the board are very excited about the work that is going on and the opportunities that the CIN (clinically integrated care network) is presenting. People are pretty excited about this. Our quality scores are improving, and our associated cost is going down."
  • One provider shared that the Advisory Board has "an extremely high impact on our ability to enter into future risk-bearing agreements. (The) Advisory Board has given us the tools and organizational structure we need to really engage in value-based work. We are seeing this ability play out in the marketplace. We will be engaging with Blue Cross Blue Shield concerning value-based efforts in the next year or so, and the fact that we have a CIN has allowed us to have a different conversation at the payer level."

Success Builds on Engaging Physicians
KLAS cited the Advisory Board for top performance in promoting physician leadership to create CINs that better position providers for managing population health. In particular, the report noted that providers "are pleased with (the) Advisory Board's process-oriented, template-driven approach and proven track record with the Federal Trade Commission." The report also highlighted that the Advisory Board helps providers understand the need to create a CIN to be better positioned for population health management and better equipped structurally to align with payers on alternative payment contracts, such as shared savings or bundled payments.

The report notes, "(the Advisory Board's) structured and standardized processes are especially valuable for providers who are interested in a timely and systemized approach to building integrated networks and moving toward sharing risk, with providers giving them one of the highest satisfaction ratings for consulting services in this report."

Advisory Board Consulting and Management has completed more than 2,300 engagements since its inception in 1999.  The division has more than 380 management executives and clinicians with an average of more than 15 years of operational experience running critical hospital and medical group departments.

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