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Apr 29, 2013, 11:28 ET from The Alternative Board

WESTMINSTER, Colo., April 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Wall Street Journal bestselling author Allen Fishman's new book, THE ALIGNMENT FACTORaccomplishes these target goals for business owners and those who report directly to them.  THE ALIGNMENT FACTOR is now available in e-book form on and ranked as the #2 top e-book last week on both the Amazon Entrepreneurship list and the Amazon Small Business & Entrepreneurship list.



THE ALIGNMENT FACTOR outlines a system for unlocking potential, boosting employee performance, and increasing profits in privately-owned businesses. The key, according to Fishman, is improved Alignment between Key Decision Makers, typically the owners of businesses, and the managers who report directly to them, or their Direct Reports.

Fishman is the Founder and Executive Chairman of The Alternative Board (TAB), the world's largest franchise system providing peer advisory boards, executive coaching, and Alignment training services for business owners and other business leaders. TAB's worldwide business advisory network currently operates in the U.S.A., Canada, England, Scotland, New Zealand, Germany and Venezuela. TAB will extend its operations into the Republic of Ireland in the fall.  Jason Zickerman, co-author of THE ALIGNMENT FACTOR, is President and CEO of The Alternative Board.

Fishman's business success and ability to communicate practical business advice in a compelling way has resulted in coverage by major media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Business Week, Inc. Magazine, Fortune Small Business, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Denver Post, Nation's Business, CNBC, Bloomberg, and CNN.

According to Fishman, "Most of the biggest barriers to business success—lack of clarity on the vision, the absence of a strong strategic plan, factionalism and infighting among members of the company's leadership, and many others—can be overcome once the management team understands and commits to Alignment."

When asked to define Alignment, Fishman replied: "Alignment is the side-by-side working relationship that makes great results a daily reality for both Key Decision Makers and Direct Reports."

Fishman based THE ALIGNMENT FACTOR on proven methodologies he developed on the front line of business. The book shares techniques he developed as a successful executive and entrepreneur over a period of decades. THE ALIGNMENT FACTOR techniques are now used by thousands of businesses around the world. Companies who have implemented the "Alignment Factors," Fishman reports, have brought about significantly more productivity and less stress.


* Commitment on Alignment

* Align on Two-Way Communication

* Align to PAVE Your Way to Success

* Align on Plans and Priorities Through Weekly One-on-One Meetings

* Align on Strategic Leadership Meetings

* Align on Creating Mutual Respect

* Align on Company Values and Working Environment

* Align on the Company Vision

* Align on Roles and Responsibilities

* Align on Critical Success Factors

* Align on Strategic Direction Initiatives

* Alignment Is Evergreen

Fishman's book contains true stories of dozens of privately-owned businesses that have gained a much higher level of results by committing to and implementing the twelve principles. As explained in the book, "Companies that implement THE ALIGNMENT FACTOR™ experience reduction in costs, less wasted time, improved efficiencies, greater job satisfaction and retention, and decreased workplace stress ... as a direct result of Aligned activity focused on what is really most important to the company."

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