The Archstone Partnerships Announces the Launch of the Archstone Alternative Solutions Fund

Veteran Alternative Investment Management Firm Offers its First Fund to Accredited Investors and their Financial Advisors

Available on Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC and Schwab AI Platforms

Jan 13, 2016, 09:00 ET from The Archstone Partnerships

NEW YORK, Jan. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The Archstone Partnerships, an alternative investment management firm focused exclusively on hedge fund investments, today announced it has extended its investment offerings for the first time to accredited investors through the Archstone Alternative Solutions Fund. Capitalizing on over 25 years of experience and offering unique access to leading hedge fund managers, the Archstone Alternative Solutions Fund seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation while attempting to reduce volatility relative to the equity markets.

The Archstone Alternative Solutions Fund employs a fund of hedge funds strategy that was previously only available to qualified purchasers. It is now available to a broader group of investors as an SEC-registered, non-diversified, closed-end management investment company that expects to offer quarterly liquidity, dividend-type payouts, and will provide 1099 tax reporting.

"We are pleased to extend the availability of our proven investment strategy to a larger group of investors," said Alfred J. Shuman, Founder and Managing Member of The Archstone Partnerships. "As is the case with our other investment vehicles, our new fund offers investors access to an actively managed portfolio of professionally selected hedge funds through a single investment which is designed to complement long-only investing portfolios."

"It's long overdue for retail investors and small foundations to have access to the high quality hedge fund managers held in our portfolio," said Joseph S. Pignatelli, Jr., President and Co-Portfolio Manager. "With interest rates poised to rise, we believe hedge funds offer a particularly compelling opportunity to preserve and conservatively grow capital.  The management and employees of Archstone, collectively as the largest investors in our funds, have seen firsthand over the past 25 years that in rising interest rate environments, hedge funds can serve as a valuable risk management tool in portfolio construction."

The Archstone Partnerships have been co-managed continuously since its inception by Mr. Shuman and Mr. Pignatelli.  Over the past 10 years Archstone and its affiliates have been the recipient of several industry awards, including recognition in 2015 by InvestHedge of the firm's long-term track record. 

The minimum investment for the Archstone Alternative Solutions Fund Class A Shares is $50,000 with subsequent minimum investments of at least $10,000.  Class I Shares are available at the same initial minimum to certain investors as identified in the prospectus. The Fund is available on the Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC and Schwab AI Platforms.

About The Archstone Partnerships
Founded in 1991, The Archstone Partnerships is an independent, alternative asset management firm focused exclusively on hedge fund investments. The firm manages approximately $3 billion through a suite of private and registered funds of hedge funds designed to meet various investment objectives.  Archstone's clients include foundations, endowments and other institutions, as well as high net worth individuals seeking to protect, preserve and conservatively grow their capital over time. The interests of the firm's management and employees, collectively the largest investors in the funds, are clearly aligned with its clients.  The Archstone Partnerships is privately owned and headquartered in New York, NY.

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Investing in Funds Advised by Archstone:
This press release is for general information only and is not an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any security.  A decision to invest in the Archstone Alternative Solutions Fund ("AASF") and/or any fund managed by Archstone (each, an "Archstone Fund") must be based on the investor's own examination of the Archstone Fund's terms and conditions, including the merits and risks involved.  Investors should consider any legal, tax and accounting matters relevant to a potential investment in the Archstone Fund and should discuss such matters with their attorneys, accountants and other professional advisers before investing.  Any person subscribing to an Archstone Fund must meet certain suitability requirements as set forth in the subscription documentation and must be able to bear the risks involved with such investment.  Among the risks prospective investors should note are the following:

  • No guarantee or representation can be made that an Archstone Fund will meet its investment objectives or projected outcomes, or avoid losses.
  • The Archstone Funds, including the management thereof, are subject to certain actual and potential conflicts of interest.
  • The underlying funds in which the Archstone Fund will invest charge separate fees and expenses, including performance based incentive fees, which will offset the fund's trading profits.
  • An investment in an Archstone Fund is illiquid. There is no secondary market for the interests/shares of an Archstone Fund, and none is expected to develop.
  • The underlying hedge fund portfolios invested in by the Archstone Funds may be invested in various types of securities, which may be effected by a variety of economic, geographic, political and other factors.
  • The underlying investment strategies are speculative (e.g., involve the use of derivatives, leverage, short-selling and other speculative investment instruments/practices) and involve a substantial degree of risk.
  • The underlying hedge funds of the Archstone Funds' may use leverage which may exacerbate losses.
  • Past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance, and performance may be volatile.
  • All investment strategies have the potential for profit or loss.
  • The underlying Portfolio Funds are not registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940 and are therefore not subject to the protection and restrictions of the Act, which mutual funds are subject to.

Additional Risks Relating to AASF:

  • AASF is structured as a closed-end, non-diversified management investment company.  Thus, there are generally no percentage limitations imposed by the Investment Company Act on the portion of AASF's assets that may be invested in the securities of any one issuer.  The portfolio of the Fund may therefore be subject to greater risk than the portfolio of a similar fund that is a "diversified" investment company under the Investment Company Act. 
  • Repurchases will be at the discretion of the Fund's board of trustees and are expected not to exceed 20% of AASF's assets in any calendar quarter.
  • AASF is not required to provide periodic pricing or valuation information to investors with respect to its underlying investments.

Important information concerning AASF, including the risks and conflicts associated with an investment in AASF, are contained in its prospectus which may be found on Archstone's website,, by emailing, or by calling Archstone at 212-201-0500. The prospectus should be carefully read prior to investing. AASF is distributed by Foreside Fund Services, LLC.

The Archstone Partnerships® is a registered trademark of Archstone Management Company, LLC and A.P. Management Company, LLC.

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