The Bar Has Been Raised. CreAgri International Launches Olivenol™ Plus 2X, the New Standard for Dietary Supplements.

The new improved formula provides the highest level of biovailable hydroxytyrosol yet delivered, is being introduced today in Anaheim (CA) at Natural Products Expo West.

Mar 11, 2011, 11:32 ET from CreAgri Inc.

ANAHEIM, Calif., March 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Seeking to bring the benefits of hydroxytyrosol rich dietary supplement to more U.S. consumers, Dr. Roberto Crea, founder and CEO of CreAgri® Inc., and Chairman of CreAgri International, has launched Olivenol™ Plus 2X.

A stronger formulation of the already popular Olivenol™ and Olivenol™ plus+, Olivenol™ Plus 2X delivers double the concentration of hydroxytyrosol and sets a new bar for any true natural, bioavailable, anti-inflammatory and immune modulating antioxidant.

"Packed with even greater life power, one capsule of the Olivenol™ Plus 2X provides the same quantity of polyphenols contained in a 8-12 fl oz. of the best extra virgin olive oil but without the fat and the calories," explained Dr. Crea.  The blend of hydroxytyrosol and other natural olive polyphenols (Hidrox®) contained in Olivenol™ Plus 2X, is easily and rapidly absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and readily transferred into the blood stream, and into surrounding organ tissues and cells, where it fights the accumulation of free radicals and their toxic effects on human health.

According to worldwide users of dietary supplements, Olivenol™ provides a dramatic range of health benefits, particularly when used to support joint mobility, to fight skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema, and to improve and enhance immune health and general well being.

"Since I started taking Olivenol™ I have seen tremendous improvements," said Pastor Rao Raymond, a consumer who attended the launch of Olivenol™ Plus 2X in Malaysia. "I have suffered from psoriatic arthritis for more than 7 years. The pain is quite persistent and constant. The joints in my fingers and toes were swollen; I even had difficulty bending them."

"As a nurse I understand the side effects of steroid creams," said Khor Siew Nai.  "However, I had no choice as it was the only solution that seemed to work for my psoriasis. Two years ago I was introduced to Olivenol™ and since then it has kept my psoriasis at bay and I have stopped all steroid prescriptions."

"To be more responsive to the needs of Olivenol™ consumers, and to better serve the U.S. and other markets, the distribution of Olivenol™ Plus 2X, will be managed by CreAgri International, a global Joint Venture with offices in Northern California, Asia and Europe," added Dr. Crea.

Olivenol™ Plus 2X is produced in GMP certified facilities in California, USA with strict adherence to manufacturing, safety and quality control guidelines. In addition, Olivenol™ Plus 2X is Organic certified, Kosher and Halal.

About CreAgri International,

CreAgri International is a joint venture formed to manage the worldwide business of OLIVENOL™ It holds the worldwide license to "OLIVENOL™," "OLIVENOL™ plus+" and "OLIVENOL Plus™" trademarks.  With offices located in USA, Asia and Europe, the company coordinates global marketing activities.  By using a proven template that combines conventional marketing, social networking and other novel tools, CreAgri International has successfully promoted OLIVENOL™ in Asia using solid scientific evidences to support the needs of modern, health-conscious consumers. Distributors who are selected to market OLIVENOL™ are given access to CreAgri International's template and tools, enabling them to achieve quick results and high return on investment.

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