The Bed Bug Patch Launches September 1st, 2010 to Combat Rising Epidemic

Aug 31, 2010, 16:51 ET from The BEDBUG PATCH, LLC

WOODMERE, N.Y., Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- In recent months, the Bed Bug name has resurfaced all over the Globe. Although generally described to children as myth when tucking them in for sleep, Bed Bug bites are now more of a reality than ever. Residential and commercial residences have reported increasing infestation complaints. New York, Philadelphia, Detroit and Ohio rank among the highest bed bug infested states in the United States.

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The Bed Bug Patch is set to launch internationally on September 1st, 2010 as an effective tool to repel and deter Bed Bugs. The Bed Bug Patch is exactly what the name suggests -- a patch applied to an individual's skin to help prevent Bed Bug bites. The way the patch works is simple: it is comprised of vitamin B1 Thiamin which is dispersed throughout the body gradually after the patch is applied. Bed Bugs are attracted to Carbon Dioxide and use that naturally inherent attraction to seek out a host on which to feed. The B1 Thiamin acts like a mask to cover the Carbon Dioxide that we naturally emit from our bodies. The Bed Bug Patch conceals the CO2 scent that we release from our skin from getting picked up, thus rendering the Bed Bugs directionless to find a food source.

The Bed Bug Patch is a great alternative to other forms of Bed Bug control due to its all natural and easy-to-use application. The Bed Bug Patch is safe to use on children and adults and is convenient to take around everywhere for preventative measures. Consumers can expect to see The Bed Bug Patch on various media channels including television spots, internet advertisements and social media avenues. Consumers can expect to see The Bed Bug Patch in neighborhood retail stores in the near future as well.

About The BEDBUG PATCH, LLC.: The Bed Bug Patch was specially designed by a dedicated team of innovators who could not take the annoyance of Bed Bug bites anymore. This team firmly believes in the capabilities of their product and the solutions it holds for those suffering from Bed Bugs. The BEDBUG PATCH, LLC. holds the patent for this transdermal B1 vitamin administering product. The Bed Bug Patch was created to bring change in a revolutionary, all-natural way.  The team behind The Bed Bug Patch are people-oriented individuals and are devoted to the concerns and well-being of your family.