The best coffee of Honduras is in Expo Copan 2014

Mar 28, 2014, 14:18 ET from National Tourism Chamber of Honduras - CANATURH

SANTA ROSA DE COPAN, Honduras, March 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Having a cup of coffee is a delight to the palate that is a daily event for millions of people all over the world, in the morning, day and night, at home or the office, in cafes, as an excuse to get together or just to perk up, it's an everyday thing, but from March 27th to March 29th  Expo-Copan 2014 will give you the opportunity to savor the best coffee in the world and interact with its best preparers, taste the most varied cuisine and take part in a host of cultural events. 

The best professionals specializing in the preparation of high quality coffee will be gathering at Santa Rosa de Copan in western Honduras for a world class event after the fashion of a world coffee championship.  

With its quality, aroma and taste, Honduran coffee has been the most sought after at national and international auctions such as the 2013 Cup of Excellence, and one indication of this is that Honduran coffee beans are exported to all continents; Germany, United States, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, France, are only a few of the places where Honduran coffee is appreciated; it's highly probable that your own favorite coffee is Honduran without your even realizing it since companies all over the world buy the coffee bean and reprocess it in various ways for different brands.   

But in Honduras it's not just bringing the coffee to market, there are also magnificent professionals who prepare it (baristas), and that select group will be competing at the 5th edition of CoffeeFest, where the person will be chosen to represent Honduras in the World Barista championship held in Rimini, Italy, preparations that will be evaluated by the most sophisticated connoisseurs, such as Francesco Sanapo, Italian and world champion barista.  

The 5th edition will also be held of the "Best Coffee" contest, where expert national and international tasters will do a "blindfold" appraisal, from which the 10 top contenders will be chosen, assuring that their crop will be purchased and will take part in 5 international coffee fairs, but that's not all, there will also be the first HWC Espresso contest, where world champion barista, Francesco Sanapo will choose the best espresso among 5 blends that will be prepared at his roasting in Florence, Italy,  becoming the first Central American blend to be used in this celebrated location. 

You will definitely be very busy as you discover the region's coffee plantations, and eat your fill at the Culinary Festival where a huge variety of foods, beverages, pastries and sweets of the Copan region will be provided for you, and if you want to know more about it, national and local chefs will be hosting exhibits and workshops revealing every last detail that interests you.  

Coffee lovers know perfectly well that this magic beverage achieves its fullest expression in good company, with a book and all kinds of art, and Expo Copan 2014 doesn't overlook this, during the three days of the event, the Center of Arts and Heritage of Santa Rosa de Copan has prepared a wide variety of activities for your enjoyment, plays, spectacles of fire and dance, literary presentations, jazz and so much more…  

Copan, center of the Maya world's most impressive city is presenting itself to the world offering an event that will dazzle your senses with fragrances and flavors, music and lyrics, all in one place for three straight days as Santa Rosa de Copan tells the world, "It's all here."

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