The Big Clock Store Grows In Very Little Time

In just a few short years, The Big Clock Store grows to be the largest personalized clock maker in the world.

Jan 25, 2013, 16:58 ET from The Big Clock Store

PHOENIX, Jan. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Noelle Ray, owner of has more than enough time on her hands (Pun intended).  Nine years ago, out of her two car garage in Phoenix, AZ, Noelle started a small clock making business.  Her beautiful, hand painted clocks were extremely popular on their own, however, the unique selling point was her ability to personalize the clock for her customers.  Personalizing the clocks by adding names, dates, and short phrases, proved to be a rare draw to a somewhat "normal" household item.  In addition to being able to personalize a clock, her clocks come in a variety of sizes ranging from 12 inches up to 60 inches. 

Starting off, Noelle, as well as being a busy wife and mother, began making and selling a handful of clocks each month.  Painting clocks during the day and packaging during the night, Noelle was able to keep up on her slowly increasing number of orders.  Through advertising on E-bay and then her own website and other online stores, Noelle quickly established herself as the premier player in the marketplace.

Some nine years later, Noelle owns and operates arguably the largest "personalized" clock manufacturing company in the world.  She can make a single 12 inch clock celebrating an anniversary or hundreds with a unique logo for a large organization.  She can match a bed spread pattern for baby's rooms, or print your "classic car" on the face.  Her 5 foot clocks are an unbelievable addition to a large wall in a business or home.  From Kids clocks to sports clocks, apple clock, rooster clocks, vintage, logo, wedding, or contemporary, if she doesn't already have it, more likely than not, she can make it.  Today you will see her clocks all around the world; schools, restaurants, hotels, businesses, as well as in thousands and thousands of individual homes.

Sometimes this ultra-busy mom, wife and entrepreneur does wish she could make time stand still, just so she could catch her breath.  But, because she can't, she will continue to create and make that universal tool that we all use to measure that which we are so often short of   …  time.

Noelle Ray
The Big Clock Store

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