The Blackwheel Company Asks You to Rethink Your Electronics

Nov 13, 2012, 10:07 ET from The Blackwheel Company

PITTSBURGH, Nov. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- For a little over a year now something remarkable has been taking place in a gritty shop in Pittsburgh.  Three childhood friends (one an artist and two engineers) have joined forces to turn ordinary electronics into one-of-a-kind functional works of art.


By stripping away the homogenous plastic and boring controls of modern devices like computers, phones, televisions, and even point of sale systems, and replacing them with hand crafted and carefully selected components, The Blackwheel Company is making homes, restaurants and retail spaces a little more fun and a lot more interesting.

Driven by the vision that interfacing with our everyday devices need not be a boring and drab task, The Blackwheel Company specializes in both converting and building electronic devices as functional pieces of sculptural art.  If you can plug it in or power it on, artist Slaid Black believes that making it unique, personal, and magical can turn the routine into something extraordinary.

Take for instance, their latest work: a fully integrated custom point of sale system complete with barcode scanner, receipt printer, automated locking cash drawer, and touch screen monitor.  The birch and steel constructed computer, dubbed The Peacock, is hand painted and features a peacock motif and eye catching brass hardware.  Many of the parts, like the vintage brass handles, were salvaged to meet Slaid's vision for the stylized machine. 

The Blackwheel Company works on custom pieces only.  For more information, look them up on the web at or send them an email at

SOURCE The Blackwheel Company