The California Business Alliance for a Green Economy: Don't be Fooled By 'Studies' Bankrolled by the Oil Industry

Oil companies spending big bucks to protect their profits, maintain status quo

Oct 26, 2012, 17:32 ET from California Business Alliance for a Green Economy

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The oil industry is bankrolling a high-priced media blitz to slow down a key clean energy policy (AB 32) in California, that has been state law for six years, and which is driving investments, growing jobs and improving energy efficiency for all Californians.

Oil company "front groups" like Fueling California and Californians Against Higher Taxes, orchestrated by the same lobbyists that organized and lost the Proposition 23 campaign in 2010, are continuing to try to kill AB 32 through reports and advertising bought and paid for by the oil industry.

Meanwhile, California businesses and consumers, who support policies that diversify our fuel supplies and provide us with more clean fuel choices, would be burdened with the costs if the oil industry is successful at derailing clean energy policies like AB 32.

Don't believe the hype. Independent studies have uncovered the truth. The consulting firm TIAX recently examined one such oil industry-funded report, authored by the Boston Consulting Group and paid for by the Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA). The TIAX analysis (here) found significant inaccuracies and faulty assumptions, which render the conclusions of the report useless, including:

  • Making a combination of incorrect assumptions that created a worst-case scenario for California, without factoring in any benefits.
  • Excluding many commercially available alternative fuels from its cost calculations.
  • Failing to recognize the fact that existing state policies (e.g., AB 32, the Low Carbon Fuel Standard and clean car standards) would reduce the demand for petroleum consumption.

The 1,240 businesses of the California Business Alliance for a Green Economy see the oil industry's tactics for what they are – a pattern of behavior focused on protecting their profits instead of what is best for Californians.

To learn more about the flaws in the WSPA/BCG study and other flawed oil-funded reports visit:

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