The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) Airs Children's Animated Bible Series During Easter Week on ABC Family

Mar 22, 2013, 22:42 ET from The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., March 22, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Spring break just got better for your kids! The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) is airing five favorite episodes of its Emmy-nominated, animated series Superbook on ABC Family Channel.  Beginning March 25th the following episodes will air at 9:30 AM EDT:

March 25:  "Jacob and Esau," a story of repentance and forgiveness

March 26:  "Roar!" the story of Daniel and the lions' den

March 27:  "Miracles of Jesus," the story of God's unmatchable power to heal the sick and calm the storms

March 28:  "The Last Supper," the story of the King of Kings becoming the servant of all

March 29:  "He Is Risen!" the ultimate story of love, sacrifice, and the power of God!

"We are so excited to continue our mission through CBN's Superbook DVD Club and our Superbook series that will help us reach a new generation with the message of Jesus Christ," said CBN CEO Gordon Robertson.

CBN launched the animation series Superbook in Japan in 1981, as an adventure-fueled cartoon whose mission was to bring the Gospel to that Asian nation. It didn't take long for Japan's children to come to know Christ. In fact, Superbook became so popular that the Bible became Japan's best-selling book.

Since the first episode aired, more than a half-billion people have viewed Superbook. To date, Superbook has been dubbed into 43 languages and broadcast in more than 100 countries.  CBN's vision is to produce a total of 104 episodes over an eight-year period.

CBN and a team of Emmy-winning artists and storytellers (whose credits include Mulan, The Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast) are collaborating to repurpose the series in CG animation, bringing the hope of God's Word to a new generation of children and families.

"The tremendous technology advances in animation have enhanced Superbook," said Robertson. "Animation is extremely popular around the world with children and adults, alike. CBN's new version of Superbook will be viewed and enjoyed by a new generation of viewers."

In addition to the series, the Superbook team has created a website—Superbook.TV. The website provides a fun and entertaining way for the entire family to learn the Bible. Kids can create their own avatars, play Bible-themed games, learn about God and His Word, listen to Superbook Radio, and even download a 30-day devotional. For parents, the website offers special resources, so they can assist their children in learning the Bible.

"We are being as biblically accurate as possible with our new Superbook series," said Superbook producer John Schafer. To ensure biblical accuracy, Bible scholars are consulted on every script and the series' writers include actual biblical dialogue in each episode. 

For details on how to get Superbook, go to, or call 800-759-0700.

SOURCE The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)