The Complete Solution for Sheep and Goat Farms

Afimilk provides its full management system to small ruminant dairy farms throughout North America

Feb 21, 2013, 09:00 ET from Afimilk Ltd

AFIKIM, Israel, February 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Afimilk has entered its sheep and goat management system, AfiShepherd, to the US market. Already, the AfiShepherd system has been successfully integrated into six dairy farms in the USA and Canada.

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The North America sheep and goat dairy market is rapidly growing, and is supported by some five million animals. Farms there are seeking to boost production and efficiency to meet the great demand for sheep and goat milk-based dairy products, which offer a special tangy taste and excellent health benefits but also rich creams, gentle soaps and much more.

AfiShepherd represents the world's leading management system for sheep and goats. Monitoring animal health, production and fertility, the system contributes to increased milk production, automatic selection and group level management and labor efficiency.

The product of years of field-tested and proven experience, the AfiShepherd system improves all major aspects of sheep and goat farming. For example, it increases herd productivity by identifying non-productive animals for culling. Further, the system enables branch specialization by gathering the most productive animals and breeding the best milk producers. Thus, guaranteeing that every group of animals receives its optimal ration, AfiShepherd optimizes feed consumption, and by enabling genetic improvement, enhances individual animal production. The ICAR- approved AfiFree milk meter also monitors the quality of the milk with conductivity measurement.

"Our only regret with the Afimilk system is that we didn't purchase it sooner," say Jason and Clare Heberlein from Fennimore, Wisconsin, who milk 600 dairy goats. They add, "No more paper and pens! This saves us a huge amount of time. Chores take less time and our records are more accurate than ever with the AfiShepherd system. Within months of purchasing the system we were able to cull 150 goats that weren't making our breakeven. Now our herd is making us more money with fewer animals."

The Afimilk solution for the sheep and goat market has been sold successfully worldwide, particularly in Mediterranean countries, where the company has strong connections to breeding associations.

Afimilk systems are at work in more than 50 countries on five continents. Kibbutz Afikim and Fortissimo Capital, Israel's leading private equity firm, are the two shareholders in Afimilk.

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