The Creators of the Acclaimed Television Series 'EL CARTEL' now Recount the Lives of the Women of the Drug Traffickers in the Book Las Fantasticas. Las Mujeres de El Cartel

Jan 13, 2010, 09:30 ET from Santillana USA Publishing

MIAMI,, Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- After the great success of the television series "El Cartel," its creators, Andres Lopez Lopez and Juan Camilo Ferrand, took to the task of filling in the great absence of women figures in the prizewinning television series. They knew that behind the great drug lords, there were many women with stories of their own to tell. After many months of interviews with ten of them, Lopez and Ferrand submerged themselves in the lives of these women and decided to tell the chilling stories of six of them. The result was the best-selling book Las Fantasticas, which the authors also made into a television series called "Las munecas de la mafia." 

"Las Fantasticas" or "Las munecas de la mafia" are women who rarely go unnoticed. During their time of glory, paraded at their husband's side, they travel in opulent vehicles decked out in the latest designer fashions and live in the lap of luxury. It just takes one second, one false move, however, and their entire life comes crashing down on them. Their man loses power, money and/or his freedom, and suddenly their golden dream turns into their darkest nightmare. Glamour and an affluent lifestyle give way to uncertainty, unease, and an inability to go back to a "normal" life.

"Las Fantasticas" were always the "official" women. They were owed respect and subservience. Never before had anyone told their story, had delved into their metamorphosis -- from simple, unassuming women into the partner of recognized criminals. The television series, named "Las munecas de la mafia" is one of Colombia's top viewed show since its release.

  • The true story of drug trafficking as recounted by the wives of the top Colombian drug lords.
  • Six horrifying tales of the behind-the-scenes in the lives of the women of Colombian drug dealers.
  • True stories of the wives and women "of" drug dealers, whose names, even if concealed behind pseudonyms, are easy to recognize in real life.
  • Never before has such an intimate portrayal of these women been available to the public. Be the first to read what they are really like and how much they are willing to change for power and money.

The television series, which is called "Las munecas de la mafia" will air in the United States soon, will consist of 40 chapters, and is less violent and more humorous than El cartel.

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