The Crisis of Islamism, Its Causes and How to Address Them in New Book From Author Ismail Rifaat

Author Ismail Rifaat is pleased to announce his new book. It details the Roles of Israel, the USA, and Arab Leaders in addressing the growing concerns regarding Islamic issues facing the world today.

Dec 16, 2015, 08:07 ET from Ismail Rifaat

HOUSTON, Dec. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- No doubt, terrorism by Muslim fanatics has been and continues to be the most hotly debated issue internationally. However, debate in the media falls short of addressing issues in a comprehensive manner. By contrast, the book captioned above, by Ismail Rifaat, sheds light on the roots of the problem of terrorism, and thus, reaches more insightful approaches to tackling current ominous conditions.

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Rifaat, is a US citizen, born in Egypt. He recounts his firsthand experience of how religious radicalism evolved and flourished in the Middle East. He demonstrates that the creation of a Zionist entity in the geographic center of gravity of the predominantly Muslim region of the Middle East, and the action of Western Powers and certain Arab leaders, all contributed to the emergence of Islamist radicalism. He proposes action to contain and combat terrorism based on his analysis. While respectful of the freedom of religion, he adamantly opposes the involvement of religion in state affairs.

"The Crisis of Islamism" is Rifaat's third published book. He authored "Planning for Survival" which addresses global issues, and "For the People by the People" which focuses on critical issues in the USA.

Rifaat's books are highly recommended to both expert and lay individuals interested in the evolution of conditions in the Middle East and the USA that profoundly impacted global developments in recent decades. His books are available in hard copy and digital format from his website,, and major online booksellers. 

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