The Daily Dot Launches New Sunday Magazine, The Kernel

Aug 05, 2014, 09:30 ET from The Daily Dot

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- This Sunday, the Daily Dot launches The Kernel, a weekly digital magazine that tackles the Internet's defining issues and the people behind them, with authoritative and insightful narrative journalism.

The debut edition of The Kernel will provide an in-depth look at the state of hacking culture and computer crime laws, chronicling the fall of the FBI's most-wanted cyber criminal and the unlikely evolution of an Xbox hack turned global cyberweapon. It will also premiere "Me IRL," an exclusive interview series, and the new weekly comic from acclaimed political cartoonist Ted Rall, Technically Fair.

Subsequent Kernel editions will delve deep into the world of fantasy football, the new stars of YouTube and Vine, and the emerging high-tech fashion scene. The publication will also give a modern update to more traditional magazine staples, like the back-to-school issue, examining the effectiveness of online education and tablets in the classroom.  

Nicholas White, Daily Dot CEO and editor-in-chief, said: "Our vision is to recreate the experience of sitting down on a Sunday morning with coffee and a magazine, throwing the world of the Internet—its past, its present, and its future—into that mix. You get a deep, nuanced understanding when you focus on a single, important subject, looking at it from several different sides."

Daily Dot Media acquired The Kernel in late January. The British publication earned a reputation for its investigative reporting and uncompromising examination of tech culture and Web communities. That legacy will live on in the new issues-based format, with an emphasis on in-depth features and informed opinion pieces.  

"The Daily Dot moves at the pace of the Internet, publishing upwards of 60 articles a day," Austin Powell, the Daily Dot's managing editor says. "The Kernel will allow us to hit the pause button and reflect more of the specific issues that deserve further attention. It's about starting conversations, or when appropriate, changing them altogether."

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The Kernel is The Daily Dot's digital Sunday magazine that tackles the Internet's defining issues and the people behind them. The Kernel digs deep in its pursuit of truth with bold, narrative journalism that drives the conversation about modern Internet life.

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