"The Declaration of Consciousness" - a historic announcement of Victory in the West for all humanity, in London on December 21, 2012 alongside the European Film Premiere of StarSeed Film's "3 Magic Words"

Dec 21, 2012, 11:33 ET from The Declaration of Consciousness

LONDON, Dec. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- December 21, 2012 is believed to be a monumental turning point for mankind on planet earth. The date, considered sacred by many, marks not only the winter solstice, but also the end of the legendary Mayan calendar. This date is also heralded to be the beginning of a new era, when the Earth and its inhabitants will embark upon a great transformation, marking a brighter future for all of humankind. 

This day, December 21st is of historic significance for all of humanity. Humanity has arrived a full circle with history completed this day. Consciousness has won a long war after so many battles through the history of humanity.

The 3 Magic Words Premier Gala will feature a special London screening of the ground-breaking metaphysical documentary from Starseed Film, "3 MAGIC WORDS," at the Odeon West End Cinema in Leicester Square followed by a panel discussion with the writer/producer/ director of the movie, Michael Perlin, co-producer Maura Hoffman, Theresa Ibis, founder of Indigo Bridge In Service (IBIS), celebrated hypnotherapist and author, Dolores Cannon and Nandhi. "3 Magic Words" is an exploratory feature that evolved from Perlin's personal and lengthy study of metaphysics as he became determined to find a common theme in all of the ancient mystical teachings. The occasion will include a "blue carpet" with celebrity appearances and a live performance by Lucinda Drayton ("A Hundred Thousand Angels").

The 3 Magic Words Premier evening will also include a Global Meditation led by Sonya Sophia (Sophia School Of Living Arts), a World Peace Prayer conducted by Gudni Gudnason (Modern Mystery School) and the signing of "The Declaration of Consciousness." Events will continue at The Penthouse Suite, Radisson Edwardian with over 150 guests from major holistic magazines, film industry, authors and event organizers. 

The global event will be live streamed at http://declarationofconsciousness.org/. "The Declaration of Consciousness" will be presented to the world at approximately 9:30 p.m. GMT/ 4:30 p.m. EST/ 1:30 p.m. PST.

Nandhi co-founded the Declaration of Consciousness as a non-profit organization with the mission to convey a message of unity consciousness to all of humanity.  Imparting consciousness through inner joys, his music group's Turiya Nada introduced the musical music- "Arakara: Ecstasy of the Awake". Arakara is the main sound tracks in the movie 3 Magic Words.

Historical significance for humanity and nations from Declaration of Consciousness:

In 1689, the Bill of Rights, also called the Declaration of Rights was enacted to protect individuals and the parliament from the tyranny of monarchy, in England. This Bill of Rights was the inspiration behind Thomas Jefferson's creation of The Declaration of Independence about 100 years later, in 1776. The Declaration of Independence is truly an enlightened aspiration so beautifully articulating the inner most aspirations of a human.

Yet, going back in history, Thomas Jefferson, who wrote Declaration of Independence, was a slave owner and that document of inspiration was not for all humans. . Consciousness needed to grow and it has grown.

Thus day, Dec 21st of 2012, is of immense historical significance as we announce The Declaration of Consciousness. Consciousness sparks that were set alight in London 1689 as Bill of Rights evolved to become Declaration of Independence in 1776. Evolving through history, consciousness is now an idea that has in time come for humanity through us - as the Declaration of Consciousness.

From ascertaining consciousness for a colonial empire, and then for a nation as freedom, consciousness now relates to every individual on Planet Earth as - the core rights of every human as in adhering to the ahimsa principle of non-violence, non-killing; tolerance of every path to the Divine; Honoring the Feminine; protecting and nurturing our children; and upholding Planet Earth- as basic consciousness.

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