The Electronic Cigarette Company Highlight the Money That Can Be Saved by Switching from Cigarettes

Mar 25, 2013, 02:00 ET from The Electronic Cigarette Company (TECC)

BLACKBURN, England, March 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

The savings that can be made by smokers switching to electronic cigarettes has been demonstrated today by The Electronic Cigarette Company (TECC). With the price increases placed upon tobacco by the 2013 budget now in place, cigarette smokers are feeling the financial pinch more than ever. Using a simple infographic, TECC have highlighted the costs of a '20-a-day' cigarette habit against the equivalent electronic cigarette usage.

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With the average price of cigarettes standing at £7.46 for a pack of 20, more and more smokers are considering legitimate alternatives. The informative graphic produced by TECC demonstrates the cost of switching to electronic cigarettes and the annual possible savings that could result.

The infographic informs the reader of an annual £2,000+ saving that could be made by switching to electronic cigarettes. The average annual cost of using an electronic cigarette is only £528.78 for the first year and £485.28 for subsequent years. This will be comforting news for cigarette smokers spending more than £2,685 a year on cigarettes who are considering making the switch.

To fully demonstrate the implications of these savings, TECC shows alternative products of equivalent pricing. The savings that are accrued by switching to electronic cigarettes could afford the family 8 iPads with cash to spare, or they could all fly off to the Caribbean. Alternatively, almost a full year's worth of food shopping for the average household could be funded with the money saved by using e-cigs instead of cigarettes.

Indirect savings can also be made when switching to electronic cigarettes. Smokers are increasingly at risk of being refused work by employers in the EU under stipulations in the law. The average wage for a smoker is 4%-8% lower than their non-smoking counterpart, and additionally, the average smoker will miss 2.7 more days of work per year than non-smokers.      

Monetary savings are just one reason why many are reconsidering their cigarette habit and progressing onto electronic cigarettes.

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SOURCE The Electronic Cigarette Company (TECC)