The Enlightened Capitalism Manifesto

A Blueprint for a Revitalized America

Dec 12, 2013, 09:00 ET from The Enlightened Capitalism Manifesto

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 The   Enlightened Capitalism Manifesto

  A Blueprint for a Revitalized America


Henry B. Zimmer, CPA

Everywhere one looks, there is criticism surrounding political corruption, the millions of jobs that have been lost to offshore countries, the arrogance of the bankers who almost brought The United States to its knees and the dichotomy between the very rich and the very poor.

America is on the verge of instituting a healthcare system that many believe is totally unworkable. Our education system is outdated and inefficient. The most important subject- the basics of proper financial awareness and planning- is not taught in our schools.

Contentious issues such as gun control, abortion, and gay rights continue to be debated without resolution and our dysfunctional political situation reflects the irreconcilable polarization between Democrats and Republicans.

"So far, no one has compiled an unbiased and cohesive set of recommendations designed to resolve all these problems while also allowing the public at large to voice their opinions by voting online in support of or against these recommendations. This is what I have done in my book", says Mr. Zimmer

"My entire "platform" is based on the concept of Enlightened Capitalism, which equates with the need for social responsibility. My goal is to curtail the Unbridled Capitalism that is the norm today. I certainly do NOT advocate Communism.  All I seek to do is to create a level playing field for all Americans."

At the end of each chapter, there are survey questions for readers to consider.  After they have finished reading the book, readers will be able to access  the book's website and take the entire poll (which consists of 114 questions) by voting online. Readers will also be able to view the cumulative survey results at any time thereafter on demand. Using the "comments" feature, they will be able to record their own opinions and dialogue with other readers. "I invite you to visit my website," Mr. Zimmer adds," since it is integral to the success of this project."

Some of Zimmer's  recommendations are extremely controversial, but he believes everything he proposes is doable. "Some Constitutional changes may be required", Zimmer warns, "but there are many precedents for amendments.Let's make America a better place for our children and grandchildren!"

Henry Zimmer is a semi-retired CPA living in Palm Desert, California. Although he is a U.S. citizen, he has lived most of his life in Canada. His business career has spanned the last half-century. He has written 15 books on Canadian taxation and financial planning, several of which have been best sellers.

The book may be purchased as a trade paperback (312 pages) or as an eBook for Kindle and other eReaders. The website contains additional information.

"Zimmer's common-sense approach and unaffected writing style make for a quick read, unburdened by complicated jargon or technical language… Like having a chat with an erudite, opinionated uncle; even if readers don't agree with all his views, they'll recognize the value of his experience". Kirkus Review

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