The Estacio Group launches new tablet app 'Didatic@'

Oct 23, 2012, 08:08 ET from Estacio Participacoes

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, Oct. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Estacio has just launched Didatic@, an innovative teaching tool that will bring academic interaction to the digital world through an exclusive network for sharing class lessons, study material and learning guides. The online app is part of the Tablet Project started by Estacio in 2011 and will be available for students in the next few days. Twenty thousand tablets have already been distributed to students. The Didatic@ Project was developed in partnership with the Eldorado Institute of Campinas (SP) and received a start-up grant of R$1,000,000.00.

Didatic@'s main objective is to make studying more dynamic and effective. Academic content is shared among thousands of university students and professors throughout Brazil. Once online, other students can enrich the material through the comment network by adding multicolored noted, links, videos, page markers, text markers and more. For students who wish to make material available to a select group, a "cheat" icon will enable them to restrict access to their posted content.

The president of the Estacio Group, Rogerio Melzi, emphasized the tool's novelty. According to him, the groundbreaking app is yet another example of how the institution is at the forefront of trends in education and of how much is being invested so that students have the best possible training in the market. "Estacio is thinking about the future of education in this country. We have earned this right because four years ago, when Estacio resumed its path of institutional growth, we decided to model ourselves on innovation," Melzi pointed out. 

Didatic@ was officially launched on October 4 in Rio de Janeiro at an event attended by nearly 300 guests, including Estacio teachers, employees and students as well as investors and journalists from all over Brazil. Among the guests were economist and professor Eduardo Giannetti, who spoke about the challenges in education in the 21st century and the importance of pursuing academic innovation in the face of these challenges. "We've reached a singular moment in the Brazilian economy, where society has proposed more investment in education. Didatic@ is a change from the passive attitude toward education in that it encourages the student think for him/herself and as part of a network. This is a crucial step in building a prosperous society," he stressed.

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