The Excellence of the Wine Meets the Excellence of Cork: "La Scolca" and "Diam Bouchage" Presented at the Press Conference in Milan

Oct 23, 2012, 02:00 ET from La Scolca s.s.

MILAN, October 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

On Tuesday, October 23rd 9:00 pm, at the Westin Palace in Milan La Scolca presents its "Gavi dei Gavi" Black Label™ as an example of "bouchage Diam."

Diam will present process Diamant with producing its stoppers, its sensory characteristics of neutrality and homogeneity, La Scolca always combines tradition and modernity, qualities that is at the basis of Gavi La Scolca excellence, with research and constant innovation, the philosophy of production of the historic cellar. In order to get a good wine excellent grapes are requested.

Careful vineyard techniques, in the right sequence of cultivation (crop thinning, pruning wise, if necessary a "green harvest" in June when necessary) allow us to have a low yield but high quality of the grapes produced, in addition to a uniformity of maturation at harvest time:  wines with exceptional features are obtained, enhanced perfumes and fragrances, an ambassador of the territory of origin.  Modern and up to date are in fact the machinery and technology of  the winery and the winemaking department: the wine-making technique, the so called "cold", allows the utmost respect of the bunch and berry that are preserved in quality at 100%  of the "flavor precursors" starting from the moment of pressing till to fermentation. In order of not to lose this heritage of quality and technology, La Scolca have chosen as closure "Diam Bouchege" selection, a French company , leader in the world for the production of corks and creator of  "reinvented"cork, manufactured  with specific treatment to supercritical CO2  that can totally and permanently can eliminate the "cork taste" from cork closures . The " Bouchage Diam" mission is to create  corks  that respect the evolution of the wine in the bottle and the longevity of the wine, becoming therefore ideal solution for medium and high-end wines. La Scolca chose Diam Mytik for the prestigious selection of " Riserva D'Antan" reaching 11 years ageing, and "Diam" for all other famous Gavi.

At the evening, as well as the owner of the Scolca Chiara Soldati, will be present "the Director General of Diam Bouchage Dominique Tourneix and Sales Director for Italy, Jean Luc Ribot. A special guest will attend the event: the winemaker Pascal Chatonnet from the laboratory of Excell Bordeaux, who will treat about the oenological aspects connected to the selection of the type of closure and about the technological advantages that Diamant skills can offer.

Cluster after cluster, we have selected a GAVI that comes to our table still fresh and fruity, refining its exceptional qualities and giving us an "emotion" wine, that offers a complex taste sensation, unique in its kind.

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