The 'Farce of Christmas' Inspires Bestselling Author to Write Follow Up Book

Rant in blog post turns into Love Your People

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RICHMOND, Va., Dec. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- What began as a rant on his blog post, has turned into a small book bestselling author Sam Parker is hoping will have people saying 'Merry Today' rather than 'Merry Christmas'.

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Sam Parker, author of the bestselling book 212 the extra degree® and co-founder of, a company that sells a line of creative meeting and event products inspired by his content, has published a series of follow up books that most recently include Love Your People®, a book about having care and accountability for the people around you.

"I was thinking about the business of Christmas," said Sam Parker. "Why we celebrate it and where it came from." "The early Christian Church was looking for a way to compete with the pagan celebration of Saturnalia," explained Parker. "A fourth century Pope set December 25th as the day the Christian church would celebrate the birth of Jesus- a day that was not celebrated up until that point."

Sam believes all of the holidays we celebrate today allow us to compartmentalize our gratitude and care rather than encouraging it to be a part of our daily lives. This causes people to miss out on a daily celebration that might otherwise exist.

"The day is arbitrary," said Mr. Parker. "Why is it people are more locked into loving and showing care for one another on and leading up to one day that in and of itself is meaningless?," Sam asks.  

Sam's frustration with the materialism and manufactured roots behind the Christmas holiday bubbled to the surface back in a December 2009 blog post. The post inspired Sam to write Love Your People®, a small booklet his company published about a year later. "I realized that the points I had outlined that day were the foundation of my next book," said Sam.

"My original thoughts turned into the 8 points to loving your people, which you can act upon any day of the year," said Sam.

Sam knows this point of view brings controversy. One subscriber even threatened a nationwide petition to boycott his company. Sam isn't backing down. "12.25 is arbitrary," says Parker. "Merry today."  

Sam Parker co-founded in 1998. Located in Richmond, Virginia, is a group of people creating no-fluff messages to help kick off or support daily/weekly/annual meetings, company goals, projects and conferences (with no corporate eye rolling talk).

He is the author of two bestselling books – 212 The Extra Degree® and Smile & Move™ . His 212 philosophy has caught on at some of the top U.S. companies, professional sports teams and led to speaking engagements across the country.

Sam's books also include Love Your People®, Cross The Line™ and Sales Tough™. is the publisher of all but one (long story).  You can email Sam directly at If you are slightly more daring, call him at (804) 762-4500 ext.303.



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