The Five Important Dates Absent Minded Brits Are Most Likely to Forget

Jun 28, 2012, 07:30 ET from Filofax

LONDON, June 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

A staggering 65% of Brits admit to forgetting their friends' birthdays, as revealed in a recent survey by Filofax, the personal organiser company. Absent-minded 35-54 year olds are the worst culprits, with 69% of them neglecting to wish their friends a 'happy birthday'.

It would be easy to assume that the commercial buzz around Mother's Day would serve as a reminder to send a card or flowers, but 16% of mums are likely to be disappointed when it comes to Mothering Sunday each year. Mothers in Scotland are most neglected, with a significant 20% of Scots forgetting Mother's Day. In comparison, those in Wales and the Midlands seem much more attentive, with only 13% forgetting to send well wishes to their mum.

It may come as a surprise that women are more likely to forget their wedding anniversary than men, with 10% of women surveyed admitting to this hefty oversight compared with 8% of men.

Reassuringly, just 3% of us forget our partner's birthday, perhaps fearing the consequences of forgetting!  

The top five important dates Brits forget are:

1) A friend's birthday (65%)

2) Mother's Day (16%)

3) Wedding anniversary (9%)

4) Parents' birthdays (7%)

5) Partner's birthday (3%)

Sharon Golbey of Filofax comments: "Letting someone know you are thinking about them on an important occasion can make their day, but it's no surprise with our busy lives that significant dates occasionally slip our minds."

Golbey continues: "Invest in a 2013 diary to record important events so that you never forget a special occasion again. Reminding yourself to buy a card by scheduling significant dates in your diary alongside work and life responsibilities, should make remembering to reach out to others on special occasions part of your daily routine."

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Survey conducted by Vision Critical on behalf of Filofax, June 2012

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