The Fourth Worldwide Developer's Conference of Android and 2015 Worldwide High-Level Forum of Mobile Internet Have Concluded Successfully

Oct 23, 2015, 10:00 ET from IDG China

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the Fourth Worldwide Developer's Conference of Android and 2015 Worldwide High-Level Forum of Mobile Internet which has attracted great concern of developers have concluded successfully in Shenzhen. Theme of the conference is "More than Mobile!". This conference is arranged with two theme conferences and eight parallel forums which cover many links such as intelligent exhibiting area, special performance of cloud computing and big data, special performance of native Android advertising and mobile marketing, special performance of mobile health & medical, global APP originality championship, special performance of developers, meet-and-greet of leader and guest, party of financing and investment and so on. More than 100 industrial leaders from various links of mobile internet industrial chain addressed their wonderful speeches in allusion to the thinking of industrial reform in the field of mobile internet and development of Android market and future trend and the problems such as how to help the developers to break through the bottleneck in starting a business which have been discussed and shared by the guest present. Based on highlighting the interaction between innovative mobile application technology and audiences, this conference attracted more than 6000 developers and entrepreneurs from home and abroad and about 800 reports from more than 200 Medias. Xu zhou, the vice president of IDG in Asian district, stressed that the developers are always the core of mobile internet who play a critical role in the development of mobile internet and entire Android and IDG, over the past 30 years, always pays close attentions to the leading edge of technology development, employees and innovative spirits.

The Fourth Worldwide Developer's Conference of Android can be called as a milestone of Android development industry in 2015. On the conference we summarized the significant trends happened in the Android development industry over the past years and displayed the newest development technology and we invited many leading figures to analyze the ecological development and trends of Android development for the developers present. In the conference, the developers have an in-depth exploration with the experts in the industry about various topics in the field of Android development while the theme speeches brought by the industrial elites caused enthusiastic responses. Senior executives and or even funders of Leading enterprises such as Haier, Intel, Quidway, Jingdong, Sina, Liepin, UCLOUD, Tingyun, Upyun, TalkingData, Testin , Ping++ are invited to participate the conference. Topics of which frequently hit the pain point of developers, either the interpretation from Intel to the Android innovation, or the transformation of mobile internet under the Jingdong community commerce and sharing economy, which all won warm applause from the audiences present.

In addition, this conference is arranged with several parallel forums wherein has more than ten special performances including the symposium of Android system development based on the Intel framework, U+ developer's conference and Haier U+ promotion contest of venture contest, special performance of PING++ developers and so on. It is the first time that Intel has cooperated with Android conference so all of people in the industry are highly-anticipated with their cooperating accomplishment. Topics on the branch forums in this conference embodied with the trends of Android development, such as special performance of cloud computing and big data, forum of mobile games developers, special performance of native Android advertising and mobile marketing, special performance of mobile health & medical, global APP originality championship and so on which are benefit for the developers to choose the topics which are suitable for themselves to have an in depth exploration. Many developers indicated that they benefited a lot.

To encourage the advanced enterprise in the Android development industry, this conference has selected the following annual awards of "2015 Android World. All of the prize-winning enterprises and organizations are outstanding groups in various fields of Android development whose model functions can create a more standard, professional and orderly industry ecology.

Title of awards and prize-winning enterprises:

  • Best experience and innovation award of User's intelligent life - Haier U+ intelligent life open platform
  • Best development tool award - Intel® System Studio
  • Best ecosphere and innovation award - Intel® "turn-key" plan
  • Best mobile ecology open platform - Quidway developer alliance
  • Best developer service award - Testin
  • Best annual enterprise-class service award - Ping++
  • Best customer value promotion award - UCLOUD
  • Best supplier of application performance solution - Tingyun
  • Best cloud service provider award - Upyun
  • Best mobile big data platform award - TalkingData
  • Best data management platform - Qiniu cloud storage
  • Best oversea mobile marketing channel award - Yeahmobi
  • Best social recruitment and innovation product - Liepin Network
  • Best popular news APP - Net Ease Client-side
  • Best influential mobile information software - ZAKER

Moreover, with its superior performance and strong functions, Huachen Huasong has received high praise from the elites in the information industry and is authorized as the only official specified car in the conference.

From technology to starting a business, capital to market, means of payment to development tools - this conference considers what the developers consider, worries what the developers worry about, with high-standard brainstorm to reward the enthusiastic support of developers in the successive conferences. In the next year, in the Android family, more excellent members are definite to emerge, so let's expect together that they will cut a conspicuous figure in the Worldwide Developer's Conference of Android in 2016.

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