The Freedom Challenge Launches "Circle Groups": Women Helping Women End Modern Day Slavery Across The Globe

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TYRONE, Ga., Jan. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The Freedom Challenge, a program of Operation Mobilization USA (OM USA), which brings women together in unique and creative ways to help set oppressed women worldwide on a pathway to freedom, has announced a new way for women to bring purpose to their local social networks of friends and family.  Freedom Circles involve groups of women who organize local activities for raising awareness and funds for programs aimed at ending modern day slavery of women and children.

The Freedom Challenge already facilitates large group events involving physical challenges such as climbing a mountain, running a 5k or 10k, or swimming long distance events with participants attracting personal sponsors to raise funds.  Freedom Circles are groups of women who self-organize to be a vehicle for designing smaller-scale activities and social-based programs to raise funds and awareness for ending human trafficking and modern day slavery.

According to The Freedom Challenge, 24 million women and children are enslaved worldwide. As an organization, they are committed to freeing at the next 1,500 women by the end of 2016. "A Freedom Circle is essentially a community of passionate women who want to be a 'voice for the voiceless' as we are commanded in Scripture," said Tina Yeager, the US Director for The Freedom Challenge.

"We've heard from women who say they want more out of their daily routine and socialization with friends.  Freedom Circles allow them to bring an added level of meaning, significance and impact to the relationships they foster at home and around town," said Yeager

Each Freedom Circle member donates a financial gift earmarked for the freeing, rescuing and education of an oppressed woman or child. Then, Freedom Circle members commit to four things as a community: prayer, gifts, participation in a fitness challenges, advocacy. "We recognize that the community element is critical for unleashing the passion and excitement on a local level."

The women in freedom circles invite members of their community to join the movement through social media, online groups and meet-ups. Together, they encourage one another during their challenges, pray together and raise awareness for this movement.  Yeager noted, "Freedom Challenge wouldn't exist without our women who lead at the local level, Freedom Circles will amplify their impact."

"Our hearts break for women in danger of being imprisoned under a lifetime of oppressive conditions. We know that once empowered, they can increase her income, which not only helps her feed her children, but it also changes her community," said Yeager. "She can move away from the most dangerous areas and into a community where she and her family are not at risk of forced servitude, in any form."

Fundraising supports programs and activities of Operation Mobilization (OM), a collective of 6,800 volunteers and staff working in 118 countries across various disciplines of missions work. In the area of fighting modern day slavery, OM provides life skills training to women in danger of becoming oppressed as well as helps recently freed women find hope and dignity again through spiritual restoration and empowering education.

Women interested in finding out more about The Freedom Challenge or joining a Freedom Circle are encouraged to visit


The Freedom Challenge is a movement led by passionate women dedicated to freeing oppressed and enslaved women and children all around the world.  Hundreds of women have participated in various fitness challenges that test personal limits, while raising funds and awareness.  The Freedom Challenge was founded by Operation Mobilization (OM), an international Christian missions organization with over 6,800 workers in over 110 countries around the world.  The Freedom Challenge raises funds that support various OM projects helping women and children impacted by modern day slavery.  More details can be found at

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