The Fundraising Group Challenges Unhealthy School Campaign Ideas with New Website

Schools seeking healthier fundraising alternatives will have access to a refreshed website by The Fundraising Group. The relaunch will present healthy fundraising ideas, successful money raising tips, and a free information kit for schools interested in participating.

Feb 15, 2016, 08:30 ET from The Fundraising Group

QUEENSLAND, Australia, Feb. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The Fundraising Group challenges the junk-food culture of school fundraising and provides ideas for schools to get much-needed funds on board. Schools often need to raise money for items such as computers, books, and sporting equipment that they might otherwise not be able to access.

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The website relaunch aims to help schools find inspiration and gain information about healthy ways to raise money.  The Fundraising Group is hoping to eliminate the presence of junk food in schools altogether.

"The new website reflects our focus, which is to eliminate the need for junk food fundraising at schools. Fundraising can be done with healthy alternatives to achieve much better results," says Dean Newcombe, Customer Service Manager at The Fundraising Group.

He continues, "We had one school with 47 students raise $24,500. To achieve that result with chocolate, each student would need to sell 521 candy bars."

The Fundraising Group promotes fun-runs and read-a-thons as healthier alternatives to school fundraising. Past fundraising at schools has often consisted of selling junk food such as chocolate, cakes, or sausage sizzles. The Fundraising Group is also utilising a new system to allow donations to be made to schools online. 

"Online fundraising is the future of this industry. On average, people donate five times more online than they would in cash, which means better results can be achieved for the schools," Newcombe says.

"Our website visitors can now request a free information kit. They'll be able to find fundraising ideas for schools quickly and easily, as well as find inspiration in other school's achievements."

The figure of 14-million Australians overweight or obese is on the rise with 80% of adults and one third of children expected to suffer by 2025, according to research by Monash University.

Whilst schools don't sell chocolates at canteens anymore in Australia, fundraising has remained the loophole for these unhealthy treats to find their way into schools under the premise of raising money. With The Fundraising Group, healthy fundraising options are proving to be an alternative for schools.

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