The Future of IT Services

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The Future of IT Services

The arrival of the technology "3rd Platform" will change the nature of IT services forever, disrupting the current supplier ecosystem and creating new service lines, but also simultaneously cannibalizing and ultimately reducing old ones to irrelevance. As end-user spend switches to these new technologies and away from the inward-focused back-end technologies (e.g., servers and network) toward external-facing front-end technologies (e.g., CRM and customer-focused analytics), technology buyers, the role of the CIO, and the type of services that vendors provide will all change. This study suggests a new post-cloud services value chain, lists the success factors for vendors in the new landscape, and examines which supplier characteristics will determine success or failure.

"We're seeing an evolution from IT services to business services. IT services won't go away -- they will still be critical. But they will be the means to the end," said Douglas Hayward, associate vice president, IDC European Services in London, the U.K. "The future is about addressing and solving business challenges using technology and IT services. To do that, the vendors will have to evolve radically."

Table of Contents

IDC Opinion

In This Study

Situation Overview

The Economic and Social Context to Revolutionary Technology Change

Business Is Back

Immediate CIO Priorities

What Do CIOs Need From Their IT Services Suppliers?

ICT Revolutions: A Continuing Story

The 1st Platform

The 2nd Platform Arrives

Future Outlook

The 3rd Platform

Huge Cloud Services Growth, Especially Professional Services

The World Goes Smart-Mobile

Big Data: Going to Be ... Big, Actually

Social: On Its Way, but Still Relatively Immature

Meet the Rumsfelds

The Triumph of the LoBsters

Front End and Back End: The New Corporate IT Paradigm

A New Role for the CIO

How IT Services Vendors Must Evolve

An Experimental Post-Cloud Value Chain

The Dangerous and the Endangered

The Dangerous

The Endangered

Who Will Be Who in the New World?

Essential Guidance

Vendor Success Factors in 2014

Five Things for Vendors to Do in 2014

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Table: Front-End IT Vs. Back-End IT

Figure: Western European Organizations' Main IT Priorities

Figure: Percentage of Western European IT Services Budgets Allocated to Run vs. Change

Figure: Importance of Criteria in Selecting Services Providers

Figure: The Rise of the 3rd Platform

Figure: Post-Cloud Value Chain

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