The Future of Retailing is Automation

Stores-within-a-store will transform $80 billion retail industry

Oct 14, 2013, 09:15 ET from AVT, Inc.

CORONA, Calif., Oct. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- AVT, Inc. (OTC Markets: AVTC) (, a leader in automated retailing systems, micro-stores and kiosks, is in the right industry, at the right time, and is well-positioned for success as the world of retailing continues to dramatically change.

According to noted Futurist Thomas Frey, soon virtually every city will have 24-hour convenience stores, 24-hour libraries, 24-hour banks, 24-hour churches, 24-hour schools, 24-hour movie theaters, 24-hour bars and restaurants, and even 24-hour shopping centers.

Stores would develop entire automated sections, "creating a store within a store, where the automated vending side of the store operates 24-hours a day, but the expanded services side of the store opens only when their staff is present," Frey wrote.

He also stated that libraries will evolve to become automated, self-service systems. Entertainment will also become automated, with self-service movie theaters, restaurants and bars. "Over the coming years we will transition from semi-automated to fully automated bars or restaurants," the noted futurist stated. As automation increases, "hours of operation will expand."

Most of all, retailing will change. "Adding store-within-a-store concepts along with after-hours product walls where people can order anything they see will give new options to shoppers."

The product selection from automated machines is already astonishing and will continue to expand. Frey noted as one example that the AVT-designed system for Quiksilver dispenses underwear, lingerie, bikinis, boxers, and briefs…. Items never seen in a vending machine just a short time ago.

"Our automated future will (give us) 24-hour access to most goods and services, many of which are only available during normal business hours today," he said. "By eliminating the restrictive nature of today's business operations, we will be freeing up attention that can be more prudently spent solving society's bigger problems."

Thomas Frey speaks on a variety of unique and thought provoking topics, and is the Innovations Editor for The Futurist Magazine, a member of the National Speakers Association, and Senior Futurist at the DaVinci Institute - a non-profit futurist think tank in Colorado.

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