The Future of YouTube Stars

Dec 12, 2013, 10:00 ET from Jey International Management

LONDON, December 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

James Yeates from jey International Management has been looking back over the past year, and all the success it has brought for both YouTube and the creators that rely on the platform to distribute their media.

"While 2013 has been truly exciting for all involved with the creation of content on YouTube, thought must now be given to 2014, a year in which we are expecting to see major turning points in how brands and creators interact." - James Yeates, jey International Management

A lot can be said for the 'celebrity'-like status of the vloggers, beauty gurus and gamers on YouTube, after all they have worked hard to develop their die-hard fan bases, but is it a recipe that can last forever? We don't think so, while yes it is the hot topic of now, will an 18-year-old vlogger have the same loyal fans when he or she is 30? Chances are that no they won't; these creators must start looking ahead and developing their careers in possibly alternate routes, routes that are not restricted to YouTube alone.

The YouTube ecosystem is as diverse as it is large, but, at the cornerstone of it all lies the MCN or Multi Channel Network. In their time, these MCNs broke new ground and allowed creators to start earning, well, a decent living, but as YouTube has evolved exponentially over the last two years, these MCNs have remained the same, focused on a business model that worked in 2010, but, now as we are on the cusp of 2014, seem a little out-dated. It is hard to always stay one step ahead of the trends and keep your business model current, which is why these MCNs are adding services such as talent management to their line-up.

Talent management, by its nature, needs to be impartial, agnostic even, and represent its clients fairly and without prejudice; how then can a talent management service offered by a YouTube MCN be impartial? After all, at its heart is YouTube. For the industry to move forward and the creators to develop their careers, a new breed of YouTube-oriented but not YouTube-reliant management must be considered. The line between traditional media and online media is getting closer and closer and will inevitably lead to a merge rather than continue to fight against each other. For this reason it is paramount that these YouTube celebrities work with a management team that has the foresight and industry knowledge to traverse this gap with them.

jey International Management ( work solely with YouTube creators to progress their careers both online and offline, integrate and negotiate brand deals, curate new content and ultimately be a friendly face in the ever changing business world of YouTube. While they work closely with YouTube, unlike an MCN, they are not tied to them, meaning they can offer their clients far more opportunities on all platforms. With offices in Los Angeles and London they are poised for 2014 and all the change it will inevitably bring to the online platform.

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