The GeoBulb®-3 is One of the Most Energy Saving LED Bulbs.

With The GeoBulb you get more light for less energy.

Dec 02, 2010, 10:05 ET from C. Crane Company, Inc.

FORTUNA, Calif., Dec. 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- GeoBulb®-3 cool white light bulbs are one of the most economical, A19-size, LED light bulbs available today. It achieves 74 lumens per watt while only using 7 Watts of power. More efficient than most LED bulbs, the GeoBulb®-3 is a suitable replacement for a 50 Watt standard incandescent or compact florescent type bulb. The light (520 Lumens) is focused primarily from the top of the bulb so it can be used in many 60 Watt applications. The GeoBulb® uses 40% less energy than a typical 12 Watt LED bulb.


The high quality LEDs used in the GeoBulb® are rated to last 50,000 hours which is much better than most LED bulbs; high-temperature driver components are used to support this long lifespan. Unlike most LED bulbs, the GeoBulb® incorporates special ceramic capacitors in a unique proprietary design. The ceramic capacitors and custom high-temperature rated parts are more costly but they dramatically extend the life and reliability of the GeoBulb®. In addition, the LEDs run at a lower than rated temperature which further extends the bulb life. This follows the reliable theory that electronic devices last longer at lower running temperatures.

GeoBulb®s are backed with a five year guarantee and are designed to be left on for 24 hours a day for five years or longer. To maximize your investment, it is recommended that you replace bulbs that are left on for long periods of time or that are located in "unsafe to reach" areas.

The GeoBulb® line of LED solid state light bulbs are designed and developed by two individuals who have a mission to conserve energy and resources. For more information on the GeoBulb® line, go to They are available as low as $49.95 in quantities of 10 or more. The GeoBulb®-3 is FCC compliant, UL listed, free of mercury and lead, and it generates almost 90% less heat than a typical incandescent bulb.

For over 25 years, C. Crane, a privately held company in Fortuna, California, has been an innovator in radio and light design. Well known for the CCRadio brand, they were pioneers in LED lighting technology. Beginning research and development of multiple white LED flashlights in 1997, C. Crane is well known for their CC Trek flashlights. Their catalog is filled with unique radio and light products including their newest additions; the "CC" line of radios and GeoBulb® line of LED bulbs. C. Crane listens to their customers needs and produces items that meet their expectations. A commitment to quality, value and customer service makes C. Crane Company a great choice for electronics. GeoBulb® LED Light Bulbs are available at

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