The Global Market for Advanced Wound Care Products 2014

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The Global Market for Advanced Wound Care Products 2014

This report provides you with the knowledge to understand the current state of the advanced wound care market, the historical market background and the key companies who currently operate here. It is essential reading for anyone who needs to plan, sell or operate within the advanced wound care product sectors.

In 2013, the global market for advanced wound care had an estimated value of US$6.2 billion, having grown by approximately 5% since 2012. This growth is currently being hampered by pricing pressure. Factors such as spiking competition across all product sectors, as well as government pressure on healthcare spending are slowing the current rate of growth and putting strain on manufacturers' pricing.

Despite all this, the market's outlook is positive. Pricing pressure is expected to impact the market in the short – medium term, with future growth being driven by favourable demographic factors. Ageing populations, higher levels of diabetes and obesity are just three of the factors. Demand in emerging markets such as Japan, China and India as well as new product innovations will also increase demand.

What this report contains:

• Market Overview
• Background Information
o Current Market Dynamics
o Regional Perspectives
o Competitive Environments
o Future Prospects
• Advanced Wound Care Products & Technologies Information (FDA Information, Pre-clinical results, latest product news and products in development (where available))
o Device-based Wound Care
o Moist Wound Care Products
o Biologics
o Other Products
• Wound Care Manufacturers Overview (including company history, product portfolio, key events, alliances, litigations and financial outlook (where available))
o Market Leaders
o Other Companies

The Global Market for Advanced Wound Care Products report is the essential business resource for any industry executive that needs to fully understand the current players and future prospects within the global wound care market.

Wound Care Products ..3
Advanced Wound Care 4
Complex Wounds: The Role of Advanced Wound Care.5
Diabetic Foot Ulcers6
Pressure Ulcers..7
Venous Stasis Ulcers7
Establishing Safety and Effectiveness ..9
Regulatory Environment. 11
Changing Industry Landscape.16
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy..23

Competitive Environment23
Market Dynamics25
Safety and Effectiveness of NPWT 26
FDA Preliminary Public Health Notice27
Kinetic Concepts' V.A.C. Therapy.28
Current Product Portfolio.29
V.A.C. Clinical Studies..30
Smith & Nephew's NPWT Systems.30
RENASYS Products30
Boehringer Technologies' Engenex NPWT System..32
Devon Medical's extriCARE NPWT System..32
Hartmann's Vivano NPWT System.33
Genadyne Biotechnologies' A4 and XLR8 NPWT Systems.33
Innovative Therapeutics' NPWT Systems.33
Pre-Clinical Study Results.34
Lohmann & Rauscher's Suprasorb CNP..34
Medela's Invia Liberty NPWT System..35
Mölnlycke Health Care's Avance and Advance Solo..35
Prospera's PRO NPWT Systems.35
Spiracur's SNaP System..36
Clinical Study Results..37

Spiracur's ciSNaP System..37
Talley Group's Venturi Systems 37
The Medical & WoundCare Company's Exsudex.37
In Development - PolyNovo Biomaterials' NovoPore TNP Dressing 38
Electrical Stimulation.38
BioElectronics' RecoveryRx.39
Mölnlycke Health Care's woundEL System..39
Synapse Microcurrent's Accel-Heal40
Vomaris Wound Care's Procellera..40
Clinical Studies41
Ultrasound ..42
Arobella Medical's Qoustic Wound Therapy System.42
Celleration's MIST Therapy System42
Misonix' SonicOne Ultrasonic Wound Debridement System 43
NanoVibronix' PainShield and WoundShield.. 44
Söring's Sonoca Systems.. 44
Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy ..45
PMA Studies ..46

Clinical Studies .46
Tissue Regeneration Technologies' DermaGold 48
Other Wound Care Devices 49
Cure Care's WTS-2000. 49
Regenesis Biomedical's Provant Wound Therapy System.. 49
SanoMed's SanoSkin Photizo Light Therapy Device 50
New Hydrogel Technologies. 54
BioCure's GelSpray..54
Crawford Healthcare's KerraLite Cool..54
Nanotherapeutics' NanoDOX 1% Doxycycline Monohydrate Hydrogel55
ULURU's Nanoflex Technology.55
Hydrocolloid Dressings.57
Foam Dressings.58
Key and New Foam Technologies..59
ConvaTec's AQUACEL foam and Versiva XC Dressings..59
Coloplast's Biatain60
Hartmann's HydroTac Products60
Milliken Chemical's AFM Dressings 61
Mölnlycke Health Care's Mepilex Border Dressings.. 61
Smith & Nephew's Allevyn Dressings.. 61
Composite Dressings..62
3M Tegaderm Matrix Dressing with PHI technology.. 62
Crawford Healthcare's KerraFibre. 63
ConvaTec's Hydrofiber Dressings - AQUACEL & Versiva. 63
Medline's Opticell . 64
Smith & Nephew's DURAFIBER 64
Urgo's Lipido-Colloid Technology Dressings 64
Super-Absorbent Dressings65
Soft Silicone Dressings..66
Activated Charcoal Dressings66
Transparent Film Dressings67
Mölnlycke Health Care's Mepitel Film AM and Mepitel Film IV AM.68
Antimicrobial Dressings..68
Silver Dressings 69
Clinical Evidence69
Argentum Medical's Silverlon..71
B. Braun's Askina Calgitrol Paste.72
ConvaTec's AQUACEL Ag Products..72

Derma Sciences' ALGICELL Ag 74
Medline's Opticell Ag+. 74
Milliken Chemical's AFM Dressings 74
Mölnlycke Health Care's Mepitel Film AM and Mepitel Film IV AM.75
Noble Biomaterials' SilverSeal and X-STATIC Technology.75
Smith & Nephew's Acticoat Dressings 75
Smith & Nephew's Other Silver Dressings.. 76
Systagenix' Silvercel and Actisorb Silver 220 ..77
Urgo's Silver Lipido-Colloid Technology Products.77
Silver Technologies in Development.79
Honey Dressings. 79
Advancis Medical's Activon79
Derma Sciences/Comvita's Medihoney80
Medline's TheraHoney..81
SanoMed's Melladerm Plus82
Triticum's L-Mesitran Range..82
Iodine-based Dressings 82
Archimed's Iodozyme and Oxyzyme83
PHMB Antimicrobial Dressings 84
Other Antimicrobial Dressings 84

3M's Tegaderm CHG84
Derma Sciences' Dermagran.85
Hydrofera's Hydrofera Blue.85
Oculus Innovative Sciences' Microcyn Technology85
Phytoceuticals' 1 PRIMARY WOUND DRESSING..87
Treatment of Scalp Wounds with Exposed Bone..88
Quick-Med Technologies' NIMBUS Technology..88
Other Products In Development 89
Innocoll's Cogenzia.89
Market Dynamics .. 90
Regulatory Environment.93
Collagen-Based Wound Care Products ..94
Cardium Therapeutics' Excellagen.. 95
Clinical Studies..95
Human BioSciences' SkinTemp II and Medfill II . 96
Collagen Matrix' Matrix Collagen Dressing 96
Covalon Technologies' Biostep and ColActive. 97
Eucare Pharmaceuticals 97

Hartmann's CollaSorb. 98
Innocoll's CollaRx and CollaPress Products .. 98
Lescarden's Catrix Wound Dressing. 98
Olympus Terumo Biomaterials' Terudermis Artificial Dermis.. 99
MedSkin Solutions Dr Suwelack's ProHeal Bio-Active Wound Therpay and Puracol Plus 99
Systagenix Collagen-Based Dressings.. 99
Wound Management Technologies' CellerateRx 100
Products in Development. 100
Advanced Medical Solutions' RESORBA100
Cardium Therapeautics' Genedexa.100
FibroGen's Synthetic Collagen101
Innocoll's Cogenzia .. 101
Skin Substitutes..102
Changes to CMS Reimbursement .. 103
ACell's MatriStem 103
Study Results104
Anika Therapeutics' HYAFF. 104
Smith & Nephew/Cook Biotech's Oasis Wound Matrix Products. 105
Integra LifeSciences' Collagen-Glycosaminoglycan Matrix. 105
Kinetic Concepts/LifeCell's Graftjacket . 106
Medestea Internazionale's Veloderm.. 106
MedSkin Solutions Dr Suwelack's Matriderm 106
MiMedx' EpiFix. 107
Clinical Trial Results..107
FDA Letter..108
Organogenesis' Apligraf 108
Organogenesis' Dermagraft.. 109

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Health Economics Model 110
Osiris Therapeutics' Grafix 110
Clinical Studies.111
Promethean LifeSciences' GammaGraft and Repriza112
Sanofi's Epicel Cultured Epidermal Autografts..112
UDL Laboratories/S&N's Biobrane..112
Products in Development .113
Derma Sciences/BioD's AmnioMatrix.113
PolyNovo Biomaterials' NovoSorb 113
Growth Factors114
Kaken Pharmaceutical's Fiblast Spray..115
Smith & Nephew's Regranex (becaplermin) Gel 0.01%115
Products in Development. 116
Autologous Growth Factor Products 118
Cytomedix' AutoloGel System 118
SafeBlood Technologies' SafeBlood PlasmaDerm WD Procedure website down - recheck 121
Cell-Based Therapies121
Avita Medical's ReCell Spray?On Skin.121
Development, Sales and Marketing Efforts122

Tissue Genesis' IcellatorCell Isolation System 123
Products in Development..124
Cardium Therapeutics' Gene Activated Matrix Technology . 124
Derma Sciences' DSC127 124
Garnet BioTherapeutics' GBT009.. 127
RegeneRx' RGN-137. 127
Smith & Nephew's Cell-Based Therapies.128
Other Biologic Products 129
Mölnlycke's Oat Beta-Glucan 129
Mölnlycke's Xelma.. 129
Polyheal's Microsphere-Based Technology 130
Products in Development. 130
Biotec Pharmacon's Woulgan biogel.130
Enzymatic Debriding Agents..131
Smith & Nephew's Collagenase Santyl Ointment132
Maggot Therapy133
Lohmann & Rauscher's Debrisoft.133
MediWound's NexoBrid..133
Oxygen-Based Wound Dressings134
AcryMed's OxygeneSys Dissolved Oxygen Dressing 134
Oxygen Biotherapeutics' Wundecyte. 134
sastOmed's Granulox.. 134
Chitosan Dressings135
HemCon Medical Technologies 136
Aspen Medical Europe's KytoCel 136
Marine Polymer Technologies' Talymed 136

Sangui BioTech's Chitoskin . 136
Current Alliances..137
Becton Dickinson.. 137
Kinetic Concepts. 137
Greystone Pharmaceuticals.138
Centaur Guernsey (Kinetic Concepts, LifeCell and Systagenix) .139
V.A.C. Therapy 140
Current Product Portfolio. 141
LifeCell Products.. 142
Systagenix Operations 142
Advanced Wound Care Products.. 142
Wound Care Diagnostics 143
Current Alliances and Contracts.. 143
Noble Biomaterials.. 143
Wright Medical Group144
Litigation .. 144
Wake Forest University..144
Vital Needs International.. 145
LifeNet Health 145
Financial Performance 145
Coloplast .148

Current Alliances. 148
Devon Medical 148
Johnson & Johnson..148
Financial Performance 148
Latest Results and Outlook..150
Wound Care Product Portfolio. 152
Current Alliances. 153

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