The Gordian Group Marks Third Anniversary of Innovative Construction Sourcing System

Online video shows power and simplicity of ezIQC.

Sep 22, 2011, 07:55 ET from The Gordian Group, Inc.

MAULDIN, S.C., Sept. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Three years ago today, The Gordian Group, Inc. introduced ezIQC©, a version of Job Order Contracting available through cooperative purchasing that provides clients great flexibility and ease in construction procurement.  Since 2008, ezIQC has helped public and private facility and infrastructure owners accomplish their repair and renovation projects with speed and efficiency.

To mark the third anniversary of ezIQC, The Gordian Group released an online video demonstrating the speed and convenience of the procurement service. The short video is a fast-paced, lighthearted look at how ezIQC helps simplify the somewhat complicated world of construction sourcing for public and private sector facility owners. "We thought the animated video was a fun and effective change of pace in communicating a faster, more cost effective way to get repair and alterations work accomplished," said Robert Coffey, President and CEO.

Use of ezIQC has grown quickly since September 2008. Today, public and private agencies in nearly every state can access the system through cooperative purchasing networks including the National Joint Powers Alliance, the Texas Buy Board, Cooperative Educational Services in New Mexico, a growing number of state specific cooperatives and others. The same networks that allow government, education and non-profit agencies to cooperatively purchase supplies and services to save money, now make ezIQC available for group purchasing of construction services.

ezIQC is The Gordian Group's cooperative purchasing version of Job Order Contracting.  It similarly allows facility managers to quickly accomplish a large number of small- to medium-sized repair and alteration projects based on a set of locally priced construction tasks and on-call contractors that have been competitively selected. Examples of projects completed with ezIQC include classroom, bathroom and kitchen renovations, electrical and mechanical retrofits, weatherization projects and parking lot repavement.

First used by Prince William County in Virginia in 2008, ezIQC enabled county administrators to rapidly issue a purchase order for a number of sorely needed renovations at housing communities. With a long list of improvements totaling $300,000, the county secured only $160,000 in funding and was able to choose the projects that fit within its scaled-down budget.

In addition to being a very expeditious way to procure work, the pre-established pricing of construction tasks and products with ezIQC allows many individual projects to be priced separately and prioritized to align with funding allocations. In this age of deferred maintenance due to shrinking government budgets and infrequent influxes of federal or state government grants, such flexibility is vital.

The Gordian Group's ezIQC team works closely with each agency leader to create a detailed scope of work for each project, review the contractor's price proposal and walk the agency through the entire procurement process. The agency reviews the proposal package to determine if it is within budget and schedule. There is no obligation to use a contractor until a price proposal is approved and purchase order issued to the contractor.

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The Gordian Group ( created ezIQC ( and other construction sourcing systems, including Job Order Contracting, and remains the only full-service Job Order Contracting firm in the nation. It provides all products and services necessary for rapid deployment and long-term cost savings.

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