The Government Is Open And The Markets Are Up... Maybe It's Time To Park A Ferrari In Your Living Room.

Oct 29, 2013, 08:00 ET from Arkitektura Consortium Showrooms

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- It turns out that some people have a Ferrari parked in their living rooms. The Ferrari of couches, that is.


"Every connoisseur of modern furniture knows Poltrona Frau®," explains Andrew Fisher, owner of the Arkitektura Consortium Showrooms, which presents the finest selections of contemporary Italian furniture in San Francisco and in the affluent suburb of Birmingham, Michigan north of Detroit.

"Poltrona Frau leather interiors have been a part of production Ferraris since 1998," Fisher observes. "It is not uncommon for a Poltrona Frau leather couch in your home or office to cost twenty thousand dollars," he continues. "One pays to celebrate with the best. But to get Poltrona Frau's leather chairs in your Ferrari can easily set you back more than three hundred thousand dollars and some will happily pay one million dollars, or more."

In this context, having Poltrona Frau's beautiful sofas or armchairs, tables, beds, cabinets, desks and chairs in your living room or office may seem a comparative bargain.

"I put this exquisite modern furniture in people's homes," explains the owner of the Arkitektura Consortium's new 10,000 square foot Poltrona Frau showroom. "And these are often the homes of people who first sat in the Poltrona Frau leather chairs at the Royal Shakespeare Theater in Stratford-upon-Avon, or the opera house in Oslo, Norway or the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles."

"Sometimes they are Ferrari owners and want their living room furniture to be as beautiful as their car," Fisher explains. "Others want to experience the buttery leather found in their Bugatti Veyron or Maserati interiors. At the Arkitektura showrooms in San Francisco or Birmingham, Michigan near Detroit, we make that possible," Fisher says.

You can review Poltrona Frau's furniture on Arkitektura's web site: "Craftsmanship and science meet around wonderful new applications of materials, such as aluminum, foams, composites, MDF, titanium and carbon fiber," the Fisher explains. "At Poltrona Frau each and every element receives the same handmade feel that is the result of their care and passion."

Any one of these couches is like a Ferrari, minus the sonorous engine and blistering racetrack lap times. For example, inside a Ferrari, the leather on which you sit is "as seductive to the touch as it is to the eye," effuses Ferrari literature. This remarkable tactile experience is made possible by the ultra-soft leather from Poltrona Frau that also lines the doors cards and transmission tunnel. The estimated retail price for a Ferrari 512 Berlinetta is $330,000.

When Ferrari introduced a stunning LaFerrari model at the Geneva, Switzerland auto show this year, which will be sold to only 499 people, it too came with an elegant, glove-soft Poltrona Frau interior. Complimenting its beautiful leather, the LaFerrari will accelerate from zero-to-sixty in well under three seconds. The 949-horsepower hybrid is expected to retail for more than one million dollars. Ferrari already has confirmed customer orders for the full production run, with at least another 201 customers waving their checkbooks in frustration.

Is this because Ferrari's first hybrid will reportedly travel at 217 mph, while presumably getting better all-around fuel economy than your other 200-mph-plus cars? Or is it the Poltrona Frau buttery leather chairs inside?

Alternatively, the allure of having a Ferrari in your living room is completely understandable and will bring you prestige and joy until you can find a way to put a Ferrari in your garage.

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SOURCE Arkitektura Consortium Showrooms