The Grandview Group releases third whiteboard video in service solutions series


Jul 18, 2013, 06:00 ET from The Grandview Group

MESA, Ariz., July 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Grandview Group has released the third installment in their whiteboard video series, and it is set to launch a campaign to educate businesses on how to best utilize their customer lists and effectively manage leads. The campaign offers a unique introduction to the various services that The Grandview Group has to offer its clientele.

As social marketing firms have begun to rise, companies have scrambled to find the best media platform upon which to share their story with potential clients. The Grandview Group's whiteboard video series gives companies the opportunity to view firsthand how Grandview's services will benefit.

"It's a two-fold system," said Angie Herting, Senior Business Development Manager of the Group. "The videos give us a chance to show off one of our product offerings (the video production), while demonstrating to our customers exactly how we can best help them grow their business. The full series has been a great resource for any business with a sales component. Our first video was about Grandview's ability to host, and generate the subsequent data for, virtual focus groups. The second video described our approach to customer feedback: the Student Test Drive. The third video shows businesses how best to manage their sales lists and update leads."

Often, businesses feel  the only way that social media platforms can be effective is through the creation of Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Blogs or Tumblr accounts. Although this can put businesses on the digital map, there are more effective and targeted ways that social media can benefit a company. The Grandview Group offers more than just the management of quantitative and qualitative data. For instance, during a virtual focus group Grandview can host a custom video tutorial for each product. In addition, Grandview utilizes the fast-growing medium of podcasts. Through a Grandview podcast, a business can offer a glimpse into the expertise of your authors (via recorded interviews, a professional audiobook narration or an explanation of hard-to-understand topics).

"Now that we have a system in place in which to manage client video, audio and product offerings, we have living multimedia to showcase what we can do; show rather than tell," said Herting.

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SOURCE The Grandview Group