The Green Grid Welcomes Climate Savers Computing Initiative Into Its Organization To Continue Its Acceleration Of Resource Efficiency Globally

Climate Savers Computing Initiative's Programs and Membership Will Move Under The Green Grid's Brand To Build On its Impact On the IT and Communications Computing Ecosystem

Jul 19, 2012, 09:00 ET from The Green Grid

PORTLAND, Ore., July 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, The Green Grid (TGG) is excited to announce that Climate Savers Computing Initiative (CSCI) will move its programs and membership under The Green Grid brand to build on TGG's success in improving resource efficiency in information technology and data centers. TGG and CSCI will fuse their separate but closely aligned resources together to accelerate the implementation of energy efficiency and sustainability within the IT and communications industries.  

As the global authority on resource efficient information technology and data centers, TGG focuses its efforts on business computing ecosystems holistically, including all IT, facility and infrastructure systems. CSCI, the international consortium focused on reducing carbon footprint of information and communications technologies (ICT) through improvements in energy efficiency and power management of devices, has helped the industry reduce its energy usage and CO2 emissions by 41-45M tons per year. By welcoming CSCI into its organization, TGG will span the entire computing and communications ecosystem – from data centers to personal computers.

"The Green Grid and Climate Savers Computing have a long history of collaborating in our shared goal of promoting efficiency in business computing," said John Tuccillo, Schneider Electric Representative and Chairman of the Board and President of The Green Grid. "Welcoming CSCI's membership and programs into The Green Grid will further accelerate our global impact and enhance our ability to affect change within the business computing industry."

By integrating CSCI's experts and industry leaders into TGG and its technical workgroups, the organization will progress with new perspectives, increased collaboration and expanded reach. Initially, many of CSCI's workgroups will be incorporated into TGG's Technical Committee. CSCI's programs, library of whitepapers, other publications and best practices will also be incorporated into TGG's extensive collection of resources. The current CSCI board member companies have been invited to become members of TGG's board of directors. The combined board will work collaboratively to drive the mission and strategic direction of TGG forward on a global basis.

"We're very enthusiastic for these two important organizations to unite and experience the benefits that this move will bring to the industry," said Lorie Wigle, Intel Representative and President of Climate Savers Computing Initiative. "Both CSCI and TGG have made significant impact as they seek to promote efficiency across the different sides of the IT energy equation. Together, we feel our combined expertise will only increase that impact as we collectively seek to address these critical issues."

The Green Grid is also creating a new program called the "Sustainable Computing Initiative," which will provide organizations with the opportunity to commit to procurement and power management goals, just as CSCI members have done with the CSCI Power Management pledge.

Membership Updates

With a strong membership base, CSCI members will have access to TGG at their current membership levels, allowing them to take advantage of completed work, proprietary content and members-only activities. The two organizations share similar membership structures which allows for a seamless transition for existing members.

TGG recently introduced a new Contributor membership opportunity for companies whose gross annual revenue is less than $100M USD. Contributor members receive all the benefits as General members and can also participate on committees, serve as elected chairs or vice chairs, vote in committees and work groups, and help develop and create technical work for the organization. In February, TGG expanded its membership to include individual members, giving them access to member benefits at a reduced rate and without requiring affiliation with an organization.

For more information about the combined TGG and CSCI organization, please visit:

About The Green Grid

The Green Grid is a global consortium of companies, government agencies, educational institutions and individuals dedicated to advancing resource efficiency in information technology and data centers with a holistic approach, including all IT, facility and infrastructure systems. In 2012, The Green Grid welcomed Climate Savers® Computing Initiative under its brand to build on its success in promoting resource efficiency and sustainability across the energy ecosystem. Climate Savers Computing Initiative focuses on reducing energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions from computing equipment by promoting the adoption of efficient technologies and power management strategies. As the global authority on resource efficient  information technology and data centers, The Green Grid spans the entire computing and communications ecosystem – from data centers to personal computers – and will continue to provide the global IT industry with metrics, tools and best practices to improve resource efficiency.

The Green Grid does not endorse vendor-specific products or solutions, and instead seeks to provide industry-wide recommendations on best practices, metrics and technologies that will improve overall resource efficiencies. Membership is open to organizations at the Contributor, General or Associate Member levels, and individuals at the Individual or Supporter Member levels.

For more information, visit or connect with The Green Grid on Twitter @TheGreenGrid, Facebook and LinkedIn   

Climate Savers® is a trademark or registered trademark of WWF, the international conservation organization. Used under license.


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