The Guide to Picking the Best Cocktail Dresses

Apr 24, 2013, 09:00 ET from

CHENGDU, China, April 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Cocktail parties are hot among young ladies as it allows them to get together and make new friends. So how can they stand out from the crowd? For a fascinating cocktail event, an amazing hot cocktail dress is necessary. With an appropriate outfit, you will be the star of the celebration.

So what does it take to find the right cocktail evening dress? Here are some recommendations for you to pick the right cocktail outfit.

Color: The best shade can give you a fantastic look. Red cocktail dresses for ladies can definitely help you glow at the celebration and can also attract attention. A lovely shade of red can also make you look more youthful and charming. You can also pick some a shade like orange yellow or to stand out. When choosing a color, you should take your complexion into account. A darker complexion does not match with vibrant colors, but should go with something lighter to complement your skin tone.

Design: There are plenty of designs of cocktail dresses to choose from. You can pick your outfit according to your own interests or figure. Interests and figure are the main factors when selecting your right outfit and your figure directly affects the size you will choose. If there are too many choices, we recommend going with the classic little black dress. Also known as the LBD, it is an essential item in your wardrobe, and can be used for any occasion, like a cocktail party or a memorial.

This is the best guide for ladies who are now looking for the right outfit. Keep on looking and we hope you find this guide useful.