The happy egg co. and Ladle & Leaf Partner to Make Fast-Casual Dining More Humane

Two San Francisco based companies make sure truly free-range eggs are always on the menu

Nov 04, 2015, 05:03 ET from the happy egg co.

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The happy egg co., the leading free-range egg brand, today announced its partnership with Ladle & Leaf (formerly San Francisco Soup Company) to supply humanely raised eggs to each of their restaurant locations. This uniquely positions Ladle & Leaf as the first fast-casual restaurant chain in the U.S. to exclusively use free-range eggs from the happy egg co., which are produced under the highest standards of animal welfare.

Since 1999, San Francisco Soup Company has offered Bay Area diners a wide variety of menu offerings made from high-quality, fresh ingredients. As San Francisco Soup Company evolves to Ladle & Leaf, sustainability remains a core pillar for the company, particularly as research suggests that consumer dining habits are rapidly converging to include an interest in sustainable menu options. In a study conducted by the American Humane Association, 95% of participants said that they are "very concerned" about the welfare of farm animals. The happy egg co. is the only free-range egg to be certified by the American Humane Association and maintains the highest standards of free-range in the U.S. A natural collaboration, both San Francisco based companies share the same commitment to provide responsibly sourced products to their consumers at an affordable price point.

"Our goal has always been to provide our customers with quality, trusted ingredients," said Steve Sarver, Owner of Ladle & Leaf. "As we looked to expand and elevate our menu, we partnered with local bakers and farmers. We believe that our consumers care, more than ever, about where their food is coming from and that the highest quality ingredients come from companies committed to sustainability and transparency. We knew that we needed to provide our customers with a humanely produced egg, one that we all can feel good about. I stumbled on the happy egg co. in a Bay Area retailer and, after looking into the company, knew it was a fit for Ladle & Leaf. The happy egg co. aligns perfectly with our mission and we are excited to expand our egg-based dishes and breakfast menu as a result."

"The egg industry has shifted significantly over the past few years. As consumers continue to demand humanely raised foods, we're finding that restaurants and retailers are taking a closer look at the food products that they are serving their customers," explains Jenni Danby, Marketing Director at the happy egg co. "We are not only excited to see that Ladle & Leaf is driving this initiative, but we're honored to be at the forefront of its transition to true free-range eggs."

Ladle & Leaf will begin serving the happy egg co.'s eggs in their respective breakfast, lunch and dinner menu items across its 15 restaurant locations, which are expected to open over the next two years. A few of the new menu items that feature the happy egg co. include the Egg Salad Sandwich, the Classic Cobb Salad and new Potato Crust Quiches, which are available in Ham & Cheese, Broccoli Smoked Cheddar and Green Chili Smoked Cheddar. For more information or to view Ladle & Leaf's newest offerings, please visit or

About the happy egg co.
The happy egg co. is proud to be a pioneer in Hendependence, allowing its hens to enjoy the freedom of outdoors every day. The happy egg co. hens spend their days under the sun, frolicking through acres of open space, socializing and just doing what hens do naturally. Hens at the happy egg co. enjoy the freedom to roam across more than eight acres of open pasture, and nutritional feed and care from expert family farmers under the direction of Andrew Joret, the International Egg Commission's 2013 "International Egg Person of the Year." The happy egg co. was the winner the Best New Egg in the 2014 Better Homes and Gardens Best New Product Awards.

About Ladle & Leaf
Ladle & Leaf, a new evolution of San Francisco Soup Company, offers healthy, hand-crafted soups, salads, sandwiches, and breakfast options. Ladle & Leaf's mission is to build menus with nutrient-packed foods, globally-inspired flavors, and the highest quality, local ingredients in peak season. Everything is made in-house daily, including stocks, sauces, dressings and spreads.  

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