The Holographic Town Hall™ for Presidential Candidates and National Issues Launches, Created by 4Dpresence

Stunning augmented reality and photo realistic virtual reality events engages millions of citizens in the political process

Jan 12, 2016, 08:08 ET from 4Dpresence

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- New media company, 4Dpresence, announces today the immediate availability of a live event and new media outlet for candidates and issue oriented groups. Presidential candidates, and candidates seeking national and state offices, can now appear live as holograms in dozens of augmented reality Holographic Town Halls in venues across the nation simultaneously and, also, in virtual reality Holographic Town Halls before millions of citizens on phones, tablets, notebooks, computers, and TVs.  The revolutionary media system allows citizens to interact with leading candidates in person or as holograms themselves.  Candidates now can reach a much wider audience with reduced security costs. 

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In live venues, the patented holographic augmented reality podium is so bright the candidates appear more compelling than actually being there in person.  The candidates and citizens engage each other naturally as if they are together in person.  Millions of citizens engage the events by a patented photorealistic virtual world technology streamed to their personal devices and home TVs.  Candidates and issue-oriented groups utilize a 24/7 live HD media channel to engage massive national audiences.  According to Steve McNelley, founder of 4Dpresence, "We have engaged major political leaders in the US and around the world and 4Dpresence's Holographic Town Hall is the culmination of years of development intended to change the way politics is done." 

This announcement also marks the launch of 4Dpresence Media Networks, founded by the industry innovators behind the product design and intellectual property think tank  DVE has been revolutionizing holographic corporate, government, and live stage communication for over a decade.  4Dpresence marks their long awaited step into new media, broadcast and event services with visually amazing experiences.

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About 4Dpresence

4Dpresence Media Networks connects people wherever they are to premier venues and events around the globe.

4Dpresence is an audacious undertaking, linking social media, personal creative expression, business communications, gaming and entertainment in a connected virtual eco system. 4Dpresence will change the way you use your phone, tablet, desktop computer, and company meeting room, and will transform education, business events, the theater experience, and music concerts. 4Dpresence breaks down the fourth wall and brings people together.

Our launch team is an impressive group of innovators. The founders have patented technology in nearly 90 million consumer devices and are the leading innovators in natural augmented reality (no head mounted display required). The founders have also deployed a nationwide immersive communication system for the department of energy, connecting nuclear energy scientists across the US national labs, corporations, and universities.

Our team is made up of entrepreneurial executives in the fields of telecommunications, advertising, and entertainment. Our team also consists of experts in social media development, scientists, hardware and software engineers, optical and mechanical engineers, animators, and video producers.

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