The Hurry Cane™ Celebrates Positive Senior Health News, Offers Ongoing Solutions

A new study reveals that eye health among senior citizens has improved drastically since results reported nearly two decades ago. The company behind The Hurry Cane™ is excited by this development and offers new solutions to enrich senior living.

Aug 07, 2012, 06:00 ET from The Hurry Cane

NEW YORK, Aug. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Many senior citizens anticipate that with old age comes impaired health. However, a new study—highlighted in a recent Examiner article—reveals that senior health is actually getting better, especially in terms of eye health. It reports, "Survey data, which was collected from 1984 to 2010, found that in 1984, poor eyesight gave older adults trouble reading in 23 percent of those analyzed. By 2010, that number shrunk to 9.7 percent." The makers of The Hurry Cane™, an innovative take on the standard cane, are particularly concerned with improving the life of older Americans and note that these new statistics show that improved senior health should encourage further research.

However, the article explains that the lower numbers of ocular health problems were not linked to a singular cause. Researchers speculate that the improved statistics are a combination of advanced cataract surgery procedures, regular doctor visits, better treatments for those with diabetic retinopathy and a steady decline in smoking. Rob Kinkaid of The Hurry Cane™ comments, "It is great to hear how more seniors than ever before are able to truly enjoy life."

Helping senior citizens take advantage of life's many great benefits is one of the motivating factors behind the creation of The Hurry Cane™. Although it operates similar to a regular cane, its designers mimicked body movement within the ankle to create a stable, flexible cane. Unlike traditional canes, this product is proven to give individuals with walking disabilities a chance to achieve greater balance through its proprietary pivot head. Its users also have the opportunity to travel over more diverse terrains, such as gravel, snow and sand.

As the article states, modern advancements in vision correction has allowed individuals to "perform normal daily activities, such as dressing and running errands." Even with great eye sight, older citizens may find it difficult to carry out these basic, yet necessary tasks. For those that have compromised mobility The Hurry Cane™ offers a new solution to reclaim independence. Rob Kincaid comments, "Enjoying life is part of the reason why we created The Hurry Cane™.  We wanted to empower people with a cane that truly keeps them mobile, so they can get the most out of each and every day."


The Hurry Cane™ is the latest innovation in mobility solutions for senior citizens and those who have difficulty walking. With a structure similar to the traditional cane, The Hurry Cane™ features a unique pivot-head design that allows for greater movement and flexibility. It also provides a strong base that allows users to perform tasks with both their hands, without having to worry about their cane falling over. With total approval ratings at a reported 98 percent, many consumers are already sharing their success stories after using this innovative product.

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