The Hurry Cane™: Walk Score's New Feature Enriches Website Resources, Contributes to Safer Walking Practices

Seattle tech company Walk Score recently released upgrades to its popular website and iPhone app. The makers of the mobility solution The Hurry Cane™ commented on this unique take to encourage walking throughout the community.

Nov 13, 2012, 06:00 ET from The Hurry Cane

NEW YORK, Nov. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- A recently published Geek Wire article detailed the additional capabilities Walk Score has added to its popular iPhone app and website. Users are incented to make use of the service as they can now add photos of their neighborhood. The makers of The Hurry Cane™ commented on this unique tool.

The article reports that Walk Score, a company with headquarters in Seattle, recently added the option for users to upload photos of their neighborhoods. The idea behind the feature is to encourage walkers to have more information about a particular area available their fingertips. In some sense, it is a technological extension of sharing news of good places via word of mouth.

According to the article, Walk Score previously offered its users a large volume of data on residences found within a neighborhood. Now, in addition to adding photos, online community members can also add details via comments. To encourage use of the feature, users can earn a "local expert" designation upon adding 10 or more photos.

The makers of the mobility device The Hurry Cane™ are excited by this innovative use of technology. In a statement to the press they commented, "This is yet another example of how technology can improve an experience as basic as taking a walk.  From advancements in mobility, to advancements in canes, the possibilities are endless."

The application has an added benefit of enhancing the safety of the community. By marking and tracking areas of crime, community members can propose safety measures based on numerical data and evidence to local officials notes the article. In addition, walkers have better knowledge of areas to avoid for safety purposes.

According the article, the new features are expected to move Walk Score into the realm of social network NextDoor and the review service Yelp. The piece also notes Walk Score has an impressive list of investors including big names like angel Geoff Entress and entrepreneur Edward Yim.


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