The Illusion Factory Develops Z Scape™ - The Mobile Virtual World and Augmented Reality Platform™ for iPhone/iPad2/Android

Mar 28, 2011, 06:04 ET from The Illusion Factory

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., March 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Veteran creative technology studio, The Illusion Factory, just announced commitments to build high profile projects for major Hollywood studios, broadcasters, Las Vegas casinos, and Fortune 50 companies utilizing their new patent pending Z Scape™ - Mobile Virtual World and Augmented Reality Platform™.


"We are excited to bring this new virtual world platform to the smart phone and gyro controlled tablets," shared Brian Weiner, CEO of The Illusion Factory. "I have dreamed about this paradigm shift for more than a decade. The use of  Z Scape™  has enabled The Illusion Factory to produce a groundbreaking application which brings together a host of highly successful business models integrated seamlessly for consumer and business applications in all industries."

"Z Scape™ is a perfect solution for brands which seek to provide dynamic experiences which facilitate long term conversations with their customers by giving those customers something in their phone or tablet that is perpetually changing and evolving," commented Z Scape Board Member and Vice Chairman of Korn Ferry, Dennis Carey. "Exhibits change, push notices let the customer know that this has happened and invites them back to the world for new interactions, information or digital swag. With Z Scape™, the potential for a multitude of interactions with the end user has just expanded exponentially."

The Z Scape™ is a perfect combination of engaging personalities, exciting environments, convenient tools, business models/systems and innovative technologies which create an unparalleled user interaction, continuous audience integration, and a more fulfilling user experience.  "One of the most compelling components of this technology is the ability for our customers to have daily or hourly contests that are dynamic and programmable," inserts Gary Brook, CTO of The Illusion Factory. "These contests drive traffic from virtual world to brick and mortar locations and back again using customer perks via QR tags and virtual ID.

Z Scape™ - The Mobile Virtual World and Augmented Reality Platform™ is perfect for entertainment exhibits, digital trade shows, consumer interactive promotions, virtual tours of museums and galleries, augmentation of tours to existing exhibits, gaming opportunities, enhanced sponsorship integrations, digital souvenirs and more. Crowning the many impressive systems in the platform are Gyro 360 degrees Navigation, Joystick, Dynamic Exhibits, Stored and Streaming Media, Augmentation of Media, Exhibits or Signage, Interactive Sponsor Platforms, Accelerated Back End Tracking and Monitoring, Data Capture and Audience Integration, Virtual Currencies, Ongoing Dialogue with End Users, Digital ID, Microtransactions, Data Bump Transfers and more.

Quizzes, media games, puzzles, logic games, geo tracking games, integration with social networks, hidden Easter egg timed promotions, virtual treasure hunts, virtual sweepstakes, virtual prizes, digital collectible assets and a robust advertising and product placement functionality are some of the many systems incorporated to generate sponsor driven themed competitions.

The first game to be released in Z Scape will be announced in April on the iPhone and iPad2 platforms.

Media Source: The Illusion Factory Contact: Brian Weiner 323-465-1155

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