The Importance of Nutrition for Athletic Performance

Jul 24, 2012, 16:19 ET from Soyfoods Association of North America

Soyfoods help athletes of all levels meet performance goals

WASHINGTON, July 24, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The 2012 Olympic Games are just days away, as Team USA prepares to compete in London, Americans here at home look for ways to incorporate more exercise and physical activity into their own lives. 

Optimal nutrition is imperative for physical activity, athletic performance, strength training, and recovery.  Food and nutrition expert, Rebecca Scritchfield, MA, RD, ACSM HFS, encourages athletes to diversify their protein sources as they train to achieve their individual performance goals.

"Soyfoods are an excellent source of protein and are low in saturated fat and cholesterol," said Scritchfield. "By combining soy along with other types of protein, athletes maximize their lean body development."

In a four-part video series, Scritchfield offers tips for active individuals of all levels to eat a healthy, balanced diet that includes soyfoods.  The first video, "The Benefits of Soyfoods for Elite Athletes" highlights the importance of soyfoods for the most competitive and physically active Americans.  These athletes have unique nutrition requirements that include an increased need for protein to help the body repair itself after rigorous exercise. 

Three future videos will include:

The Benefits of Soyfoods for Energetic Kids (expected release date – Fall 2012):
Soyfoods provide essential vitamins, minerals, and lean protein to help kids grow up strong.  Teaching kids to make healthy food choices early in life will set them up for a healthy future.

The Benefits of Soyfoods for Active Adults (expected release date – Winter 2013):
Incorporating soyfoods is an easy, delicious way to help adults get quality fuel to power through busy days and support physical activity.

The Benefits of Soyfoods for Aging Americans (expected release date – Spring 2013):
Soyfoods are a heart-healthy choice for older Americans; they help maintain muscle mass and mobility.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is especially important as we age.

Soyfoods are well suited to meet individual energy and protein needs for all Americans, as they keep dietary cholesterol and saturated fat low and nutrient density high. For more information on diversifying protein sources to achieve athletic goals please visit: Additional video content is available here.

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