The Injury Lawyers Warns on Car Insurance Fraud for Personal Injury Claims

The Injury Lawyers are warning that people who fail to insure themselves properly for driving risk not being able to claim for personal injury

Jan 15, 2010, 03:05 ET from The Injury Lawyers

LONDON, Jan. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The Injury Lawyers, the UK's leading personal injury claims lawyers, are warning that people who fail to insure themselves properly for driving risk missing out on compensation payouts in the event of personal injury claims.

The warning comes as Britain remains in the grip of a big freeze, with those drivers risking the roads at increased danger of being involved in an accident due to ice, snow, and the general freezing conditions.

Mike Gibson of The Injury Lawyers says, "The number of car accidents has already risen sharply, and no doubt there will be a number of car accident claims. The important point drivers need to remember is that if they do not have the required level of insurance, they are unlikely to be able to claim compensation for time off work."

Mike Gibson continues, "One of the most common and debilitating injuries resulting from car accidents are whiplash related. While this can be minor if treated quickly, if left undiagnosed whiplash injury can become potentially crippling. This is especially why drivers must ensure their level of insurance cover can protect them to cover whiplash injury claims and provide whiplash compensation. Otherwise the danger is that the person may have to spend time off work, and be left out of pocket through lost earnings.

"It is especially important that drivers do not skip adequate insurance cover for their own sake, but especially for the sake of their passengers. This is especially the case where families and young children are involved."

In the event that an accident is not your fault, whiplash is diagnosed, and a claim is filed, this can cover the following compensation for whiplash injury claims:

  1. Personal care and assistance
  2. Loss of use of vehicle
  3. Loss of earnings
  4. Miscellaneous cost
  5. Any actual loss caused by the accident/ your injuries

SOURCE The Injury Lawyers