The Innovation Behind Texting for ER Wait Times

Sep 25, 2013, 11:01 ET from ER Texting

MIAMI, Sept. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- It was 2007 and Anthony Baradat was in the process of creating a billboard and TV campaign for a large, national hospital group.  Anthony, the founder and creative force behind the AB&A agency, was brainstorming with his team on how best to differentiate their client from all the other hospitals in the South Florida market. 

Then it hit him. Reasoning that all consumers could relate to waiting in emergency rooms (ER), AB&A conceptualized a campaign whereby their client's ER wait times would be displayed on billboards.

"But our thought was to take it one step further," commented Anthony. "I was noticing that everyone was texting before leaving to appointments in order to check if people were running on time.  So it seemed like a natural that, if we had the information on wait times, we could share it with prospective patients before leaving their homes and that, in turn, would become a key differentiator for hospitals using this system."

Being that most hospitals offer similar services, most of which are indistinguishable to the average consumer, proactively posting ER wait times makes a lot of sense. With hospitals focused on providing efficient emergency services via the "front door" to their facilities, allowing prospective patients to access ER wait times via text is a great distinguishing factor from one hospital to another.

Based on the work done for his client, Anthony went on to create ER Texting, Inc. in 2008.  Since then, the ER Texting team has refined the original concept and is today the market leader, serving some of the largest and best known hospitals and urgent care facilities in the United States. 

Through the years, ER Texting has proven that providing emergency room and urgent care center wait times improves patient satisfaction scores; delivers greater hospital transparency; provides for better patient volume balancing and increased efficiency and ultimately increases patient visits.  Furthermore, posting wait times aligns with consumers' expectations and is a determining factor when selecting a hospital for emergency care. 

About ER Texting

ER Texting provides texting services to many of the largest and best-known hospitals and urgent care facilities in the nation.  These facilities use ER Texting to post their emergency and urgent care wait times and allow customers to access these times via text message. By virtue of its dedicated and highly recognizable SMS short code 4ER411, ER Texting offers a complete, secure, compliant and integrated texting and marketing platform.  For more information on ER Texting and our capabilities, please visit