The Institute for Student Empowerment Is First to Use Cesar Millan's, 'The Dog Whisperer's,' Training Techniques With Teachers

Jan 06, 2010, 10:16 ET from The Institute for Student Empowerment

OMAHA, Neb., Jan. 6 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Institute for Student Empowerment, a leading provider of cultural proficiency training for teachers, today announced that it is the first to use the Dog Whisperer's training techniques to help teachers identify and modify at-risk behavior.

The Washington Post recently highlighted work performed by the Institute's CEO, Wes Hall: "A hot-diggety dog of an idea," Washington Post, December 10, 2009,

Typically, teachers receive little training in the area of behavior modification in-route of their teaching degree. The challenges of today's classroom demand specialized training for those working with challenging students.

"If we are to be successful at closing the achievement gap, we must start with the teacher. Of course, we expect the parent and child to cooperate and participate in the learning process, but as the professional, the teacher must possess the skill set to understand, appropriately address and, in many cases, modify deviant behavior," said Hall. "The inability to do so negatively impacts the entire classroom," Hall said.

Recent classroom observations speak to the negative impact at-risk behavior has on the high achiever. "A potential high achiever can actually underperform, in an environment where underachievers dictate the tone," said Hall.

Although it's too early to claim significant results in the practice of Dog Whisperer techniques, surveyed teachers have responded positively to discussions about energy and controlling their responses in challenged situations.

Hall is available to speak about:

Why teachers fail at working with at-risk students

Why punitive approaches don't work

Why students aren't motivated

What schools can do

About the Institute for Student Empowerment

The Institute for Student Empowerment (a part of Suntaman Communications) has worked with at-risk youth since 1994. The Institute is known for critical thinking/problem solving training to at-risk students and teachers who serve them.

The Institute currently provides training to elementary, middle school and high school teachers in the Omaha Public School System, Dr. John Mackiel, Superintendent.

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