The Instituto Arte de Viver Bem launches Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign in Times Square

Aug 02, 2011, 20:00 ET from Instituto Arte de Viver Bem

SAO PAULO, Aug. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- On this Tuesday, August 2, photos of Brazilian athletes were plastered on one of the most famous lighted billboards in Times Square, one of the world's busiest tourist spots. They were part of the new campaign spearheaded by the Instituto Arte de Viver Bem (IAVB), chaired by Valeria Baraccat Gyy, a breast cancer survivor.

The aim is to show that physical activity is essential to prevent, treat and recover from breast cancer. The campaign designed by Energy, which is part of the Newcomm group, uses the images of eight world-renowned Brazilian athletes. Anderson Varejao (basketball player), Cesar Cielo (swimmer), Emerson Fittipaldi (former pilot), Hortencia Marcari (former basketball player), Marta (soccer player), Ronaldinho Gaucho (soccer player), Tony Kanaan (Indy 500 winner) and Vitor Belfort (boxer) are symbols of overcoming odds and of the fight against the disease. Using a combination of helmets, balls and gloves from their different sports, all of which make a visual allusion to breasts, the athletes wear the campaign's shirts to stress the importance of physical activity.

A founder and an emblem for the institute, Valeria Baraccat Gyy will also be lending her image to the campaign. "During treatment, your life is very similar to that of the athletes. You have to overcome your limits to achieve victory." In trying to attract international athletes to support the institute's cause and its mission to raise awareness as to the importance of physical exercise to improve the quality of breast cancer patients' lives during and after cancer treatment, the displays will initially be plastered on billboards lent by PR Newswire, in New York's Times Square.

During this first stage, the billboards will contain individual photos of the athletes involved in the campaign. Each will be wearing a shirt with a reference to his or her sport falling exactly over the breast area.

Subsequently, ads will be placed in Brazil's primary weekly magazines (Veja, Epoca, Quem, Isto E, Isto E-Gente, Contigo and Caras) and, in September and October, in all of the monthly magazines published by Abril and Globo, which will include reproductions of the billboard as well as the slogan "Times Square has already discovered the importance of sports in the fight against breast cancer." The ads will reinforce the importance of practicing a physical sport to combat the disease and will invite readers to go to  A message of survival will be sent right from the heart of New York directly to the world.

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